Preview: CSUB to hold virtual Día de los Muertos Paint Night

Destinee Sims, Features Editor

CSU Bakersfield is bringing together Hispanic Heritage and Pride Month for a digital paint night on Oct. 9 over Zoom. While the art design will not be announced in advance, students can look forward to creating a painting with a Día de los Muertos theme.  

An unnamed artist has been asked to create the Paint Night’s design specifically for the event, with each potential design focusing on unity, Hispanic Heritage, and Pride Month. The design will be selected by the event’s hosts, the CSUB’s Dreamer Resource Center, Multicultural Alliance and Gender Equity Center (MAGEC) and CSUB Campus Programming. 

Hilda Nieblas Valenzuela, the Dreamers Resource Center and MAGEC Coordinator, said that she is excited to see how students and the artist will interact.  

While the artist’s identity is being kept a surprise until the event, Valenzuela has confidence that they will do a good job since they “have worked with the newer students and can adapt to the needs of our painters.” 

Students are not expected to supply their own supplies for the event; students that registered for the event through CSUB Programming’s LinkTree will be mailed all necessary paints and materials shipped to the address they provided. 

“The kit will include everything that the artist/student will be needing. This includes the paint, the canvas that will be needed, the brushes, all of that. We understand that one of the biggest things about making this an inclusive event is remembering that not every student has the supplies needed for the event. We didn’t want students to have to go anywhere for the supplies,” Valenzuela said. 

Valenzuela said hat providing the paint kits will allow more students to focus on enjoying the event. With students’ busy schedules, it can be difficult to find time to take a step back and relax. Valenzuela hopes that students will embrace the chance to have the supplies and class brought to them, whether it is for an hour or if they stay until the end of the Zoom session. 

“It is a night of expression, as well as creativity and self-care. As long as students come, take some time out of their hectic schedule and get to see the other Runners on campus as well as enjoy themselves,” Valenzuela said. 

Students are invited to attend without fear of judgement, as there will be artists ranging from inexperienced hobbyist to seasoned painters.  

“We have all sorts of artists coming to this event,” Valenzuela said, recalling the many emails she has received from interested students.   

With Paint Night being just one of many events coming up, students are encouraged to check out the Hispanic Heritage Month and Pride Month information available by Campus Programming on their Instagram, @csubprogramming. 

Check out CSUB Programming’s LinkTree for more information on upcoming campus events at