Panelists answers students’ questions about CSUB resources

Chase Anderson, Reporter

The first of three virtual Rowdy Q&A meetings was hosted by Jacob Richardson, the Director for Transfer Students, along with a host of other panelists from different departments at CSU Bakersfield on Thursday, Sept. 15.  

At these meetings, students can attend to get important information about available student resources and ask questions directly to the participating staff members.  

Kristen Gallant and Sandra Bozarth from Library Services gave an update on library resources such as finding and checking out materials during online instruction.  Gallant, an Outreach User Engagement Librarian, deals with subject matter in the field of art, art history, music, and theatre. Gallant demonstrated how to use the CSUB library web page with specific attention to borrowing resources, which includes checking out print, digital, and electronic materials. 

By going to the CSUB Library homepage, students can select Virtual Services 2020, Borrowing Materials, and it gives students information on the borrowing policies, what materials are available, and contact information on checking out and a scheduling a pick-up time.  

“We are currently out of iPads and laptops. You can still check with IT if you need a laptop or Chromebook,” Gallant said. 

Gallant mentioned that on the Virtual Services page there is a “For Students” tab that gives information on how to utilize One Search for students who have not used it before. 

Sandra Bozarth, Department Chair for the CSUB Library and specialist in psychology, ethnic studies, and criminal justice focused on the getting in contact with the librarian that specializes in the specific subject you are looking for. Students can do this by going to the Faculty Subject Librarians tab on the Virtual Services page and using the chat feature that pops up on the side of the web page where someone will respond live.  

“We get paid to help you so please reach out to us, email us, call us, we can do Zoom with you,” Bozarth said. 

Uchechi Okey-Dike, a CSUB student, asked if there was a plan in the works for the library opening up during the spring 2021 semester, to which Gallant responded that along with the campus, the library will remain closed. However, the library does have a plan for reopening in stages once they have been given approval.  

Jamie Pacheco, the Veteran’s Success Center Coordinator, assured students that the center is fully functional and is providing the same services it provided which includes: in person through email, phone call, and soon a virtual “walk-in.” Pacheco announced that there will a workshop joined by the Kern County Veteran Service Office on Sept. 25. More information for this and other events can be seen on the Veteran’s Success Center social media pages. 

Olivia Warrant, Campus Advocate and Education Coordinator, shared what is being done virtually for sexual assault and domestic violence advocacy. Warrant stressed that she is a “non-mandated reporter” and does not have to report incidents, allowing for full confidentiality.  

Workshop dates for the mandatory Title XI training. (Chase Anderson)

Warren reminded students to complete the Title IX training that is mandatory for all CSUB students. The training can be completed online or through one of two remaining Zoom meeting on Sept. 25 and Oct. 6. 

Natasha Harris, the Transfer Student Success Coordinator, ended the meeting by welcoming all the new transfers to CSUB and sharing news of the opening of a new transfer center. The center was originally slated to open in spring 2021, but has been pushed back until the campus reopens.  

There are virtual events that are coming up including celebrating National Transfer Student Week Oct. 18-24 which will include transfer talks, online events, and giveaways. More information and contacts can be found at their Facebook page, CSUB Transfer, and Instagram page csubtransfer 

There will be two more Rowdy Q&A session throughout this semester with dates still to be determined.