Runners receive tips on self-care


Chase Anderson

Tips on practicing mental wellness during the Brown Bag discussion on Sept. 18.

Chase Anderson, Reporter

Karen Coy, counselor for the CSU Bakersfield’s Antelope Valley campus’s counseling center, and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists Ruth Mies and Janet Millar on Thurs. Sept. 17. The panel gave tips to help students stay mentally and physically healthy this academic year.

 “The ways that you can achieve some emotional wellness, a little bit about what that might look like, what might make you not as emotionally well, and what are some of the means?” Coy said. 

   The speakers utilized a poll taking feature to open up the conversation about the attendee’s concerns and utilized some exercises that can be done to bring some immediate clarity when feeling a little overwhelming. One question jokingly asked if 

“Meditation makes you grow your hair, wear tie-dye and lots of beads” 

While a more serious question asked 

Information for both CSUB’s main and Antelope Valley campuses Health Services. (Chase Anderson)

“What is meditation and how do you do it?” 

  The first exercise was on mind Mindful Breathing where they had everyone place their left hand over their heart, and focus on their breathing. Then while taking slow breaths in and out to students would place their right hand just below their stomach. Students were then told to notice how they being to settle.  

“Breathing is great for your physiology, for your body to feel better…it is one of the foundations of your coping strategies to bring on wellness because you are controlling it,” Coy said. 


“This can be used by students in a time where they feel things are not in their control.” Coy then discusses the importance of Meditation and Mindfulness and how this activitiy can help students regain control of their lives. 

“You can control, your breathing, for example or how much water you drink in the day…if you tell yourself you’re going to drink four glasses of water in the day and you do that it’s uplifting to know that you’ve at least accomplished that goal,” Coy said.  

Coy then discusses the importance of Meditation and Mindfulness and how these activities can help students regain control of their lives. 

“Meditation is something that helps you come to awareness of where you are to give you a sense of perspective. Mindfulness is the outcome of a meditative process, that you stay right here in the moment,” Coy said. 

The meeting concluded by providing information on the counseling center for students reach out if they find themselves in need of help or support by going to the Counseling Center website at or calling for an appointment Mon.-Fri. at 661-654-3366 or visiting the Antelope Valley Counseling Center website at