2020 Emmys predictions

Jocelyn Sandusky, Opinions Editor

Over the last six months, people have had plenty of time to binge-watch the small screens most compelling, riveting, and entertaining shows. At first glance, some of the nominations for this years Emmys seem underwhelming and undeserving. While that might be true for some nominees, the stand-outs in most categories are some of the best television has ever seen. Here is a list of who will win and who should win the nights biggest categories at this years Emmys on Sept. 20. 

 Drama Series 

 Who will win: The Crown 

This show is a snooze-fest, but its only serious competition is the equally dull Succession.The only thing worse than a boring show about rich, royal, white people is a show about pretentious white people who are not royal. A series about one of the worlds most powerful families seems captivating in theory, but something about it is so out-of-touch from reality that makes it impossible to pay attention. 

Who should win: Ozark 

While the first two seasons of Ozarkwere decent, the third season catapulted the series to new heights. Thrilling, nail-biting, and multilayered, this season deserves every accolade it is up for; No other series matches up to the shows writing, acting, and directing.  

 Comedy Series 

 Who will win: Schitts Creek 

Quirky and odd-ball shows like this are not for everyone, but its witty script and dedicated actors can appeal to almost everyone. All of the shows in this category are deserving, but after six impressive seasons, the heartwarming farewell season deserves a proper send-off. 

Who should win: Schitts Creek 

Offbeat shows can be irritating when they are not done well. Schitts Creekfalls into the pitfalls of being too outlandish sometimes, but its self-awareness and clever use of sarcasm make it one of the funniest and endearing shows of the year.  

 Limited Series 

 Who will win: Mrs. America 

Watchmencould be the sneaky winner here, but the Emmys tend to award biopics more than they do science fiction shows. Mrs. Americawas a smart and well-executed look into the failed Equal Rights Amendment. History lessons are not usually exciting, but this dive into history was as engaging as it could be.  

Who should win: Unorthodox 

This raw and powerful look into a young womans departure from Orthodox Judaism was the years most beautiful piece of art. It does not drag on longer than it needs to, and its swift and heart-warming story has the power to uplift anyone.  

 Lead Actor in a Comedy 

 Who will win: Eugene Levy, Schitts Creek 

This has to be one of the least competitive categories of the year. All of these leading men are fantastic artists, but no ones performance is revolutionary. This will go Levy after putting in six years of top-notch work. Larry David will always reign supreme in the peoples hearts, though. 

Who should win: Eugene Levy, Schitts Creek 

Well, Larry David was not nominated, so options are limited. Ted Danson is fantastic in The Good Place,but it is about time Levy gets recognized for work as an actor instead of his writing. 

 Lead Actress in a Comedy 

 Who will win: Catherine OHara, Schitts Creek 

Rachel Brosnahan has won this category enough times. Catherine OHara has given her all to breathe life into Moira Rose for the past six years. No one else can make such an unrelatable character so lovable. 

 Who should win: Catherine OHara, Schitts Creek 

No one does satire quite as well as Catherine OHara. OHaras walks the line of pushing her ridiculous portrayal too far, but she never crosses into being senselessly excessive.  

 Lead Actor in a Drama 

 Who will win: Jason Bateman, Ozark 

Bateman has yet to win in this category for his portrayal of money launderer Marty Bird in Ozark.There is a strong chance Brian Cox could win for Succession,but given that the third season of Ozarkis by far its best, Bateman has the best chance at winning here. 

Who should win: Jason Bateman, Ozark 

He is one of the most versatile entertainers on and off camera. It is difficult to get audiences to root for you when youre morally corrupt, but Batemans charisma and charm radiate through the screen and sets him apart from the other nominees. 

 Lead Actress in a Drama 

 Who will win: Olivia Coleman, The Crown 

Nothing is as impressive as Colemans ability to embody Queen Elizabeths persona, but she also replicates Claire Foys portrayal exactly. Coleman does not simply play a character; she transforms into another person and melts her predecessors performance with the subjects persona to create an incredible sense of continuity. 

Who should win: Laura Linney, Ozark 

No one is as cunning as Laura Linneys Wendy Bird. It sounds impossible, but Linney instills fear into the audience while somehow remaining likable. Linney maneuvers around the complexities of her character effortlessly to help create one of televisions most thrilling shows. 

 Lead Actor in a Limited Series or Movie 

 Who will win: Mark Ruffalo, I Know This Much Is True 

Ruffalos dual performance as a protective brother and a schizophrenic man is one of the best showcases of talent this year. It is not easy to differentiate two characters played by the same man, even if one suffers from mental illness, but Ruffalo does it better than anyone before him. 

Who should win: Paul Mescal, Normal People 

Mescal easily gave the most alluring performance of the year in his breakout role in Normal People.Mescal was tender, raw, and vulnerable; everything he felt, the audience felt. It is a shame the show and his leading lady, Daisy Edgar-Jones, were not nominated because the adaptation is one of the most memorable and powerful stories about true and everlasting love. 

 Lead Actress in a Limited Series or Movie 

 Who will win: Cate Blanchett, Mrs. America 

Award show darling Blanchett never gives a bad performance. Her portrayal of a conservative woman fighting against the Equal Rights Amendment is infuriating, but that is what makes it so good. Blanchett is an antagonist that the audience cannot seem to take their eyes off, and it is all thanks to her committed and uncanny performance.  

Who should win: Shira Haas, Unorthodox 

No one is quite as breathtaking as Haas in her defying role as an Orthodox Jewish woman leaving her religion behind. Haas takes these complicated emotions and relays them to the audience so simply. She is a magnetic performer who gave one of the most gripping performances in the last decade. Her infancy in the business robbed her of what she earned. 

 Supporting Actor in a Drama  

 Who will win: Kieran Culkin, Succession 

Successionhas the most nominations in this category, so odds are one of the cast members will win here. Culkin gives a strong performance as the fed-up brother in a show about untrustworthy rich people, but it is not something audiences have never seen before. This category is a toss-up, but Culkin has the edge. 

Who should win: Honestly, who cares?  

Supporting Actor in a Comedy 

 Who will win: Tony Shalhoub, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel 

Shalhoub is not done wracking up trophies; he will win his second consecutive Emmy for his endearing performance as an old-fashioned family man. Mahershala Ali could win because voters praise him for breathing, but Shalhoub does not drop the ball in the third season of the well-received comedy, and he is as delightful as ever. 

Who should win: Daniel Levy, Schitts Creek 

Levys performance might not seem like much at first, but his approachable and relatable portrayal of a formerly rich millennial is painfully funny. The comedy in Schitts Creekis as accessible as is gets, and Levy delivers every line a painfully funny manner. Just because it will not win an Oscar does not mean it is not great acting. 

 Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or Movie 

 Who will win: Jim Parsons, Hollywood 

Although one of the men from Watchmenmay sneak in to win this one, Parsons is still the favorite here. The cast of Watchmenwill probably split the vote, so Parsonshilarious and equally villainous role will earn him another Emmy. 

Who should win: Jim Parsons, Hollywood 

Parsons is the only standout in this category. The other nominees are incredibly talented and give great performances, but Parsons was the savior for an otherwise lackluster show. Parson hardly has to try, but he steals every scene he is in. 

 Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or Movie 

 Who will win: Tracey Ullman, Mrs. America 

This is a tough category to call, but Ullmans enthralling performance as Betty Friedan will give her the edge against her co-stars. If Mrs. Americais going to win for anything, it will be in this category, and Ullman will be the one to bring it home. 

Who should win: Jean Smart, Watchmen 

Watchmenwas so great and terrible at the same time. One of its highlights was its ensemble cast completed by the wonderful Jean Smart. Smart and Jeremy Irons pushed this show along, and she never missed a beat. According to the Washington Post, Watchmenearned 26 nominations, more than any other show. This should be one of the few it wins. 

 Supporting Actress in a Comedy 

Who will win: Alex Borstein, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel 

If at all possible, Borstein is funnier than ever in the third season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.Amy Sherman-Palladinos quick, snappy, and witty dialogue is hard to keep up with and excessive at times, but Borsteins committed person will be enough to keep her love story with the academy going. 

Who should win: Alex Borstein, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel 

This show is hilarious, but it would be nothing without Borstein; she breathes life into a show that is already so energetic. Even the subtlest jokes have the biggest impact because of Borsteins brilliant delivery. 

 Supporting Actress in a Drama 

Who will win: Meryl Streep, Big Little Lies 

It is Meryl Streep. It would be illegal not to give it to her. 

Who should win: Julia Garner, Ozark 

It is not wrong to root for everyone on the show when the show is as good as season three of Ozark.Garner already won last year, so it is doubtful she will win again, but she is at the center of one of this years best shows. She blows everyone out of the water, and that is a feat given that her scene partners are Laura Linney and Jason Bateman.