A brief look into Astrology

Yoana Andrade, Features Writer

  Today in society, generations have grown an interest in astrology. Astrology is a pseudoscience that claims that human interaction, human compatibility, the way someone is emotionally and physically, and the connection between human and earth have to do with the movements of planets and the positions of other celestial objects.  

  Astrology is practiced a lot today in society. There are people who believe in it and other people who do not. One of the first steps into astrology is looking at your individual birth/natal chart. 

  A birth/natal chart is a diagram or chart that positions different planets along with the moon and sun in different zodiac signs according to the time, date, and place someone was born. The sun, moon and each planet represent a different quality.  

  The Sun represents the identity of a person, the Moon represents emotions, Mercury represents communication, Venus represents attraction, Mars represents actions, Jupiter represents expansion, Saturn represents structure, Uranus represents innovation, Neptune represents spirituality, and Pluto represents transformation. There is also called an ascendant sign and that is a person’s outward persona.  

  Each of these qualities are placed by a zodiac sign. The zodiac signs are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. According to astrology each zodiac sign has different characteristics. For example, two characteristics of a Scorpio is that they are observant and secretive. Now, this does not apply to every Scorpio, but that is how it works. Each zodiac sign is given a reading of how each might act, feel, or think.  

  Some people do not know if they consider this a science because there is really no proof that the planets and other celestial objects in our universe have a connection with us humans. For others, this is a daily practice in which they and truly believe.  

  Jena Lords has been following and practicing astrology since 2001. She says she found that someone with the same natal chart only comes around once every 56,000 years, and that means we are more than just our sun sign. She is a Libra sun, Cancer ascendant, and Pisces moon. The reason she believes in astrology is because an astrologer once gave her information based on her natal chart that actually came true. She is still happy with the information and outcome to this day.  

  Karrigan Messenger says that she loves her interest in astrology. She knows her birth chart, and likes to know the birth charts of others to see how well they mix. Karrigan is a Leo sun, Cancer ascendant, and Scorpio moon. She owns a huge book on astrology and likes to read it to get a deeper understanding of the zodiac signs.  

  Steven Teteak says that astrology is fun, but that he does not put much meaning into the good or bad coincidences he has with astrology.  

  There are other parts of astrology everyone should take the time to read about, because the practice of astrology can be interesting.