The COVID-19 impact on concerts and music festivals


Lauren Hill

The 1975 performing at The Shrine in Los Angeles circa 2016.

Yoana Andrade, Features Writer

  The coronavirus shutdown has stopped a lot of events from happening, concerts and music festivals being some of those events. Every year is known for having annual music festivals like Coachella, Escape, Outside Lands, and BottleRock.  

  On top of those festivals getting cancelled or postponed, let’s not forget concerts of certain artists that were also due this year. Because of the shutdown, we cannot go out to places that attract huge groups of people, like stadiums and festival lands. It can be a good thing, because we need to be safe, but knowing that we could have seen our favorite artists this year can be disappointing.  

  No one really knows when the state of California will allow concerts and music festivals to happen again, but for now it seems like it will be a while until that does happen.  

  Students of CSU Bakersfield had so many plans this year that had to do with attending the concerts of their favorite artists, or festivals they were planning to go to with friends.  

  Kyle Moreno had front row tickets to see his favorite band, The Strokes, for the 3rd time at the end of March. Kyle says that he waited hours to get his tickets, but because of the coronavirus shutdown, The Strokes have now postponed to a to-be-announced date.  

  Kelly Moua had plans to attend the BTS concert that would have happened in April, but now BTS have informed all fans that they are postponing the concert to a later date as well.  

  Katelyn Flom had plans to attend Coachella in April, but because of the coronavirus it has been postponed until October. She also had plans to see Tame Impala in September, but because of everything, she is not sure if either one is going to happen yet.  

  Candice Livingston had all her concerts during live streams on social media platforms.  

  Jackyy Silva also had hopes to see The Weeknd and Doja Cat.  

  Many artists have been filling the void of not being able to perform on stages in front of fans by doing livestreams on social media or posting new music videos on YouTube. The Ries Brother have done many live stream concerts on different social media platforms. Still Woozy has posted covers he has been doing in the comfort of his home, on his YouTube channel. Tame Impala has posted new songs or different versions of current songs to YouTube as well.  

  Even though we have to be safe and isolate, we can still listen to our favorite artists on the radio or music, streaming, and social media platforms until we can see them in person again.