A night of celebration for the blue and gold

The results from the 9th Annual CSUB ROWDY awards.


Photo contributed by: CSUB Athletics

The 9th annual CSUB ROWDY awards logo

Rey Alaniz, Sports Writer

  Thursday night, CSU Bakersfield’s top athletes were honored in the 9th annual ROWDYs Award Ceremony. The first ever virtual ROWDYs took place amid the COVID-19 outbreak. The event had all the student athletes in a Zoom meeting that would capture the reactions of the winners. The livestream was hosted on Facebook Live and had hundreds of viewers tuning in. 

  The results for the 2020 ROWDY awards are as follows: 

Golden Circle: A group of undergraduate students who are the strongest leaders for their sport. 

Dalis Jones, Cydney Curran, Macey Mills, Brandi Borjon, Sophie Freeman, Jayssie Haynes, Mariah LeSure, Julianne Finch, Bianca Frausto, Sidney Wicks, Rafa Bonifacio, Daniel Carrizosa, Taze Moore, Justin Edler-Davis, Richie Campbell, Russell Rohlfing, Wyatt Gerl, Niklas Korber, Felix Cooper Adamo, Kimberly Pantoja, Aubree Gonzales, Kristine McDonald 


Newcomers of the Year: Honors exceptional first-year performances for CSUB. 

 Jacen Roberson, Mikayla Popham 


Campus Life Leadership Award: student athlete who is an exceptional student and improves the CSUB campus for everyone. 

Hannah Walker


Weight Room Warrior: An athlete who is in the weight room and portrays high levels of passion during the season. 

DeMonte Buckingham 


AD’s Make A Difference Award: A student athlete who made a noticeable difference on campus and for the athletics program. 

AJ Frausto & Bianca Frausto, Davonte Butler 


Clutch Performer of the Year: Given to an athlete who gave a top performance in pressure situations. 

Josh Loomer 


Rudy Carvajal Community Service Award: Given to a CSUB team who shows out with their contributions to the community over the last season. 

Men’s Swimming and Diving Team 


Best Individual Turnaround: Awarded to a student who had a breakout season and a great impact on their team. 

Miracle Saxon, Carlos Armendariz 


Blue-Gold Award: For students who are successful in academics while being fierce competitors. They signify what it means to wear the Blue and Gold for the Roadrunners. 

Sidney Wicks, Sophie Freeman, Damian Henderson 


Kegley-McCall Award: Awarded to the team with the highest GPA. 

Women’s Gol– 3.52 average GPA 


Runner Spirit Award: An award for an exceptional member of the CSUB Spirit Squad. 

Katelyn Hallmark 


Heart of a Champion Award: Awarded to student athletes who showed great heart and determination, contributing to their sport.  

Caitlin Goejen, Taze Moore 


Best Academic Performance: Awarded to student athlete who meets the same criteria as CoSIDA and NCAA Academic All-American consideration. The athlete must play in at least 50% of team’s games. 

 Niklas Korber 


All-Academic Team: Awarded to the athlete with the highest GPA from every team.  

Andie Easley, Bianca Frausto, Allie Crawley, Jordan Martinez, Cydney Curran, Isabella Magalong, Hana Makonova, Nova Corodova, Justin McCall, Justin Markus, Alex Dragan, Justin Fobel, Noah Blakley-Beanes 


Best Individual Contest: Awarded to a standout, electrifying performance by an individual. 

 Jordan Martinez, Justin Edler-Davis 


Flachmann Award: Given to a student who had excellent athletic performance and academic all season along 

 Autumn D’Arcy, Kris Rogic 


The President’s Award: Awarded to a student who represents CSUB on and off the field by serving our athletics and our community. This award is a mainstay of the ROWDY’s and considers the entire body of work of a graduating senior of CSUB. The award is presented by CSUB’s President, Dr. Lynnette Zelezny 

Jayssie HaynesRussel Rohlfing 


  “I am surprised, all the other girls were amazing,” senior swimmer Jayssie Haynes said when asked about receiving the award. “Since I was a freshman, I knew that I wanted to be the best that I could. This was not even something I thought would happen.” 

  The other President’s Award recipient, Russel Rohlfing, was ecstatic to receive the award as well. “It’s an awesome award and I am honored,” Rohlfing said. All of his hard work paid off and was “rewarding.” He celebrated the rest of the night with his roommates.  

  Hopefully, next year for the 10th anniversary of the ROWDY’s, we can anticipate doing the ceremony in person, where we can celebrate as an audience, see the winner’s reactions live, and have a proper celebration.