Reopening CSUB: Zelezny discusses precautions for on campus instruction


Megan Tishma, Reporter

 During the Open Forum on May 7, CSU Bakersfield President Lynnette Zelezny started by announcing that there are no decisions made on fall semester yet.  There are two plans in place, one being that the campus will be an exclusive alternative delivery, meaning no in-person classes.  The other plan is a “new normal operation” which has alternative delivery options for 45-50% of classes and the other 50% face-to-face. 

  Provost Vernon Harper said that making the change to more classes being available through alternate delivery will protect those students who are vulnerable.  He also said that classes with large enrollments would not be able to properly social distance.  Those classes would be a split attendance of face-to-face and alternative delivery. 

  When students are allowed to return to campus, risk assessments will be performed for each location throughout the campus.  They are also considering plexiglass barriers to help protect students along with students practicing social distancing, cleaning and sanitizing frequently, and possibly wearing face coverings.  All returning staff, faculty, and students will receive a training before coming back to campus. 

  The CARES Act grant relief for students is starting to be delivered to student accounts this week starting on May 11.  Those funds will be received through direct deposit or a check mailed out to students.  CSUB received $6.8 million for student aid.  They also received an additional $6.8 million to cover lost revenues, like student refunds, and costs of switching delivery to alternative methods.  

  Student housing, as of now, is still available for next year.  The freshman residency requirement is still in place, meaning incoming freshmen have to live on campus.  It is still unknown whether that will change or if there will be roommates allowed.  Current students with special circumstances will have accommodations made for them. 

  Athletics will follow the same plans set forth by the CSU system for reopening. It will also be following any other guidelines that the NCAA has on top of that.  As of right now, CSUB has no plans to cut any sports programs. 

  The DACA program is anticipating a decision by the Supreme Court at the end of June on whether the program will continue.  This is expected to impact many CSUB students, but federal actions related to DACA will not affect enrollment, tuition, or financial aid for these students.