Runner Recipes: Vegan vegetable rolls


Rosie Callejas

These vegetables rolls will satisfy even the strongest of cravings!

Rosie Callejas, Opinions Columnist

  Typically associated with a Chinese take-out dinner, crispy spring rolls are the perfect savory side dish. They are delicious and can be made at home for little to no cost; you may already have many of the ingredients in your fridge! If this pandemic has left you with spring roll withdrawals, this is a quick and filling recipe to satisfy that craving until you can snag your favorites! 


Yield: 15 spring rolls 

Prep time: approximately 30 minutes 

Cook time: approximately 10 minutes 



2 cups of cooking oil 

1 small head of cabbage 

2 medium sized carrots 

10 medium sized mushrooms 

1 pack of egg roll wrappers; I recommend Twin Dragon’s egg roll wrappers 

teaspoons paprika 

2 teaspoons garlic powder 

2 teaspoons salt 

2 teaspoons pepper 

2 teaspoons chili powder 


  Once your produce has been washed, chop the cabbage and carrots finely. I threw them into a food processor and pulsed it 5 times, but that is entirely optional. You can cut the mushrooms into slices or you can also just throw everything together in the food processor. This is going to be your vegetable filling. 

  Once the vegetable pieces have been cut, add your spices and ensure that it is all evenly distributed.  

  On one egg roll wrapper, add two tablespoons of the mixture to the center. Remember to leave a small space around the edges though, as the roll will still need to be sealed.

Rosie Callejas
The vegetables need to be chopped until they reach the desired consistency.

To start sealing the roll, fold the bottom side towards the top. This will be similar to folding a burrito or chimichanga. Apply a small amount of water to the remaining edges of the wrapper. 

  Fold the two sides into the wrapper, and then continue to roll it like a burrito. Do this until you have finished filling all your wrappers and you no longer have mixture. 

In a pan, add two cups of cooking oil and let it heat up. You want to make sure the oil is hot to ensure that the vegetable rolls cook properly. When the oil has fully heated, it will sizzle if it touched with a drop of water. If you choose to do the water test, be sure to stay back to avoid getting popped by any hot oil, as it can come into contact with your skin as it crackles.  

  Very carefully, add your vegetable rolls to the pan. If you can, use a fry-safe spatula to add the rolls to the pan, as it will help keep some space between your skin and the hot oil. 

  Allow the vegetable rolls to fry for about a minute and a half. You will know they are ready when they are nice and golden on one side. Then flip the roll over, and do the same for the other side. 

  When both sides are completely fried and crispy, transfer the vegetable rolls onto a plate with napkins or paper towels to help remove the excess oil. Give them about 10 minutes to cool down, as this time with also allow some of the excess oil to be absorbed by those napkins or paper towels. 

  Once they have cooled, serve them up with your favorite dipping sauce and enjoy! 

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