Are we more isolated from nature in lockdown?



The vibrant sunset as it rains in Bakersfield, CA

Yoana Andrade, Features Writer

  With the lockdown going on all over the world due to COVID-19, everyone has to stay home, and that does not leave much room to go out into nature. Going out into nature is something people do as a hobby, a pastime, photography, or even for their mental health, to destress, or for their anxiety. 

  Students of CSU Bakersfield are doing whatever they can to get any bit of nature into their systems during isolation. Elaine Gonzalez has been going out in her neighborhood to take morning or night walks. Eileen Diaz goes out in her backyard around noon to watch her dogs play and to sunbathe. Diaz says that going out to even just her backyard has been relaxing, and feels nice to have some fresh air.  

  Dami Gonzalez bought houseplants before the lockdown, and says they add a relaxing element to her room. Denise Gonzalez has been going out on bike rides or goes to Lake Ming, since it is pretty isolated from most people. Sarah Atkinson also planted a mini garden on her apartment patio.  

  Christopher Madrigal has been going out on bike rides with his family, going to the local park, and still continues to do his aerial photography. Madrigal uses his drone to take videos or photos of the nature around him.  

  Lauren Melendez goes on hikes, walks around her neighborhood, and goes out to her porch to enjoy the sunshine and rain. Melendez says that it is about enjoying the simple things she is still able to do.  

  There are ways to go out and enjoy nature regardless of the circumstances the world is in right now. Going out in nature has been helping CSUB students to stay busy and isolated during this time. Not knowing when the lockdown will be over can be frustrating, but to enjoy little things like the nature around you can help with that