K-Dramas to watch in quarantine

Estefany Henriquez, Features Writer

  Quarantine can be a tricky time to stay entertained. Many decide to take on exercising, dancing, painting, and much more. Some people decide to watch diverse shows. Asian dramas are a rising phenomenon here in the states and that is entirely because of how unique the dramas are.  

  Many Asian dramas range from 16 to 24 episodes and mostly last one season. These dramas have many genres, such as romance, action and adventure, crime, and horror. You may ask why they are so popular.  

  According to Reel Rundown, it is because many of them include attractive actors, and there is cultural appeal where one can learn about different cultures and societal norms by watching the daily life of a character. They are also G-rated with not a lot of foul language, and love scenes no more explicit than a kissing scene.  

Nathaly Leon, a sophomore, has watched the Korean drama “Strong Girl Bong Soon,” which is about a woman born with superhuman powers who comes from the long line of women possessing the same powers.  

  The series deals with her daily life struggles of trying to keep her powers concealed while at the same time protecting her boss, who falls for later in the drama. Leon says her favorite aspect of the show is actually the side story going on with the villain in the story.  

Jazmine Pena Cortez, a psychology major, says her favorite Korean drama is “Noble, My Love.” This drama is about the romance between Lee Kang Hoon, the CEO of the world’s largest company, and Cha Yoon Seo, an attractive, innocent, and lovely-looking veterinarian.  

  One day, Kang Hoon is kidnapped and dramatically escapes from the captors, but his profuse bleeding causes him to black out in front of an animal hospital. Yoon Seo finds and cures him.  

  Cortez likes this drama because “it follows that concept of meeting your Prince Charming, but yet you don’t want to rely on a man, so you go your own way without anyone but you, and the guy thinks you’re playing hard to get, but really you’re not.”