CSUB seniors share what their plans are after graduation


Provided photos from CSUB 2020 graduates, from left to right: Maya Rodriguez, Diana Padilla, and Kayla Meyer.

Francisco Ruiz, Features Writer

  As the stay-at-home order continues due to the COVID-19 pandemic, spring semester is coming to an end and graduation is around the corner. Graduation is an important milestone in a student’s life, because it shows that many obstacles have been overcome. After graduation, some students decide to pursue their education further, such as going to graduate school and getting a master’s degree or a PhD, while others decide to stop at bachelor’s degree and search for a career.

  “I was just accepted to the masters of social work at CSU Bakersfield, so after graduation I’ll do that full time,” CSUB sociology student Maya Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez explains that in fall 2020, she will continue to pursue her education and is going for the MSW at CSUB.   

Rodriguez explains that even though she is going to be attending the graduate program for social work at CSUB, she will not be working during her progress in the program because she wants to focus and attend to the MSW program full time.

  “I will be doing the Rehabilitation Counseling Master’s Program at the University of Northern Colorado,” CSUB psychology student Kayla Meyer said.

  Meyer explains that in the upcoming semester, she will be continuing her education, attending a university in Colorado so she can pursue her psychology degree in as a rehabilitation counselor.

According to Meyer, as a rehabilitation counselor she plans to work either in a veteran’s hospital so she can help the veterans get back into society, or in a residential program to help people with eating disorders, depression, or alcoholism.   

“After I graduate, I plan to work with delinquent children and children who struggle in school. I want to help them improve themselves and teach them that they are capable of great accomplishments. I later hope to apply for master’s in social work,” CSUB sociology student Diana Padilla said.

Padilla explains that once she graduates from CSUB this semester, she is planning to use her education to help youth children grow and learn from their past. She wants to help children by showing them they can do whatever they want and if they work hard, their dreams and aspirations will come true.

Padilla also explains that she will take a year off from school so that she can gain experience and save money for the MS program, and once the year passes, she will apply to the MSW program at CSUB.

College is fun because that is where individuals make memories with other people that are going to last a lifetime. As the spring semester comes to an end, it will be a bittersweet moment for seniors.

  Congratulations Class of 2020!