The Runner Spotlight: Brandi Borjon


Mari Woodmansee

Senior Brandi Borjon practices putting at the Rio Bravo Country Club on Feb. 14.

Elisa Fuentes, Sports Co-Editor

  CSU Bakersfield senior golfer Brandi Borjon is keeping her head up and looking forward to the opportunity to continue her college career next season in the Big West Conference, as her family cheers her on and showers her with support. 

  Borjon is a Bakersfield native, and while she has a passion for golf, she began as a softball player at age four. She played as a pitcher until her junior year at Centennial High School, where she switched to outfield. While she enjoyed the sport, Borjon gained interest in golf when she was 14 years old.  

  While playing in tournaments at that age, she decided to take golf seriously by playing both golf and softball her sophomore year. When Borjon was a senior, she found herself gravitating towards golf more than softball because of the lack of good coaching she was given. 

  “I had some bad coaches with softball, and it didn’t help my love of the game. It ended up dying,” Borjon said. 

    Borjon’s family had a heavy influence in her sticking with golf as she transitioned to her collegiate career. Her dad, Richard Borjon, has been her biggest fan from the start, and is the reason she continues playing. She said one lesson she learned from her dad is that golf is not a perfect sport and to smile through the game because that’s all you can do. 

  “It is a very hard sport and it’s easy to get mental and easy to tear yourself apart, but he’s always right there with a smile and a positive remark… I’ll hit a bad shot and we’ll just look at each other and smile it off,” Borjon said.  

  This 2020 season has seen its share of problems. Starting with questionable weather conditions and then having the rest of the season cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, but Borjon recalls the season being filled with many positive moments that outweigh the bad.  

  One of the most memorable moments is when her dad drove to Utah for the Lady Thunderbird Invitational on March 12. Although she could not finish the tournament because the season was suspended after the first day, Borjon was grateful her dad was able to cheer her on during what was almost her last round of golf. 

  Because it is her senior year, Borjon’s dad had been trying to attend as many of her tournaments as he could. He had bought a plane ticket to go to the WAC Championship in Kerrville, Texas, and while that won’t be happening now, there are still opportunities to attend tournaments in the Big West Conference. Next season, Borjon will be back to play thanks to the NCAA relief bill signed at the beginning of this month. Borjon said it was not any easy to come back next year and play again, but her dad helped her reach her decision. 

  “He said that for my senior year he was going to try and if I play again, he’s gonna try and make it to every single one of my tournaments,” Borjon said. 

  As her excitement for next year grows, Borjon is staying focused on preparing herself as her team transitions into the Big West Conference. With golf courses still open, Borjon is grateful that she is still able to go out and practice. 

  I just go out on the course and get myself in situations like I would in a tournament,” Borjon said. 

  Borjon’s preparations have already started coming to fruition. She recently set the record for women on the Kern River course, scoring two under par 70. Borjon has been working hard to improve every chance she receives for her opportunity to play next season, and the new record showcases her determination. While the feat was enjoyable for her, it only fuels her desire to continue to play golf in the foreseeable future.