ASI recap: Keeping it virtual


Runner Update graphic by Carlos Hernandez

Gabriela Reyes, Reporter

  Members of Associate Students, Inc. had their weekly meeting via Zoom. Matters regarding future school events, enrollment management, instructional delivery for the fall 2020 semester, the CARES Act, and athletics were discussed, as well as a change in the bylaws of ASI. 

  Anthony Briseno, who represented Campus Programming, announced that the Ethics Bowl will be happening April 27 at 6 p.m. If students are interested in watching, they are welcome to email Campus Programing to receive a link to the event. Briseno added that they are planning something for “Study Strong” and working on tailoring it to online. 

  James Drnek from Student Affairs said that they are in the process of hiring resident assistants for the 2021 school year. He proceeded to announce that graduate student leadership positions in the student affairs division are going to be posted on CECE’s database by the end of the month. He added that leadership positions facilitate students getting jobs due to the hands-on experience. 

  Dwayne Cantrell, representing Enrollment Management, said that registration was pushed back to May 4, and that students who have priority registration will keep their place in priority. Cantrell revealed that test scores will not be considered by Admissions for fall 2021, and it will be based more on GPA. 

  President Lynnette Zelezny was also present during the meeting. Zelezny announced that no CSU president has decided on the exact terms of instructional delivery for fall 2020, and that they are working on a decision that will be made based on inputs from regional public health administrations, state and federal government recommendations, and guidance from other educational leaders. 

  Zelezny also said CSU Bakersfield will receive $13.5 million from the federal government. 50% will be going to the CARES Act to help students. The remainder will be used as a form of lost revenue recovery for the school.  

  With regards to athletics, Ziggy Seigfried said student athletes will be given the opportunity to receive an additional year of athletics if they choose to take it. The only requirement is that they be enrolled in a graduate program to keep competing. 

  Nestor Alvarado from the Judicial Council announced that they are changing the bylaws of ASI, so they will be meeting twice a month instead of weekly going forward.