ASI Election Results: CSUB Rising Sweep the Executive Board


Runner Update graphic by Carlos Hernandez

Damian Lopez, Podcast Editor

ASI announced through their social media accounts the results of the Spring 2020 election on April 3, and one of the campaign teams swept the executive board.

“Throughout this whole campaign I’ve really –I feel like I’ve developed so much it’s only been a short two weeks. But I’ve developed so much as a person –umm –even throughout this campaign. I’m just feeling extremely grateful. Ever since I announced I was running for ASI president I’ve had so many people support me and so It’s really meant a lot to me It’s something I’ve never really experienced before.” said Vanessa Chicaiza, the newly elected ASI President about her win.


Chicaiza, a public policy and administration major, won the presidential seat over political science major Dubrea Sanders with 72.7% of the vote.


Computer engineering major Stephanie Magana and psychology major Nadia Mendoza of CSUB Rising ran unopposed; Stephanie filling the position of executive vice president, and Nadia as vice president of campus life.

Business administration major and public administration graduate student Frankie De La Pena of the You Matter campaign ran unopposed for vice president of finance and will take on the positions for the next term.


Computer science and business major Krystal Raynes of CSUB Rising won the newest position of vice president of legislative affairs over Erick Mejia of You Matter with 81.1 percent of the vote.


According to the current director of legislative affairs Aaron Aragon, vice president of legislative affairs was added to the executive board in February in order to reflect the workload the position does.


Vice president of university affairs was between child, adolescent, and family studies major Maria Espinoza of Rising Runners, and music education major Daniel Tapia of You Matter.


With 61.5 percent of the vote, Maria Espinoza took vice president of university affairs, solidifying a position in the executive board for every member of Rising Runners.


Six percent of the student population voted this year, whereas last year voter turnout was 8.6 percent. According to an email from Ilaria Pesco, executive director of ASI, other CSUs experienced a similar regression in turnout rate. Fullerton and San Diego State dropped 3.6 percent from last year.


“Many students did not know about voting. I only knew about it because I knew people on Instagram that were running for it and they posted about it a lot. I feel that also students don’t care much if I’m being honest unless their friends are running.” said Macayla Fowler, a human resource management major at CSUB.“


I think some students might have been busy with the transition or forgot about it. Overall, I felt the school sends easy directions for voting by email and on social media.” said biology major Fadi Salib about why they thought voter turnout was low.


Anaiah Alfred, majoring in communications, Heidy Casillas, majoring in communications and minoring in marketing, and communications major Amaya Lawton all ran for the position of director of social media and marketing.


None of the candidates were able to secure 51 percent of the vote, so the two candidates with the highest votes, Heidy Casillas and Anaiah Alfred are to continue to campaign until voting on April 8 and 9.


Business administration major Hoda Huzaibi won the position of director of diversity and inclusion with 52.7 percent of the vote.


Hoda beat out Citlalli Guadarrama, Alexia Zuniga, and incumbent Desiree Lorelli, who had taken the position when the previous director vacated the seat in February.


Below are the results of the Spring 2020 ASI Elections:



  • Vanessa Chicaiza –72.7%
  • Dubrea Sanders –27.3%

Executive Vice President:

  • Stephanie Magana –100%(unopposed)

Vice President: Campus Life

  • Nadia Mendoza –100%(unopposed)

Vice President: Finance

  • Frankie De La Pena –100%(unopposed)

Vice President: Legislative Affairs

  • Erick Mejia –18.9%
  • Krystal Raynes –81.1%

Vice President: University Affairs

  • Maria Espinoza –61.5%
  • Daniel Tapia –38.5%


Director: ASI Outreach

  • Anthony Quintino –100%(unopposed)


Director: Athletics Engagement

  • Tiffani Iniguez –100%(unopposed)


Director: Budget Management

  • Kevin Izquierdo –100% (unopposed)


Director: Diversity and Inclusion

  • Citlalli Guadarrama –17.8%
  • Hoda Huzaibi –52.7%
  • Desiree Lorelli –15.3%
  • Alexia Zuniga –14.2%


Director: Social Media and Marketing

  • Anaiah Alfred –30.7% -Runoff
  • Heidy Casillas –50% -Runoff
  • Amaya Lawton –19.3%


Director: Student Support

  • Uriel Cruz –38.2%
  • Caitlin Livingston –54.5%


Director: Arts and Humanities

  • Carlos Hernandez –38.2%
  • Alexandra Page –61.9%


Director: Social Sciences and Education

  • Myles Howard –41.5%
  • Geena Olague –58.5%

Director: Business and Public Administration

  • Serenity Sanchez –100% (unopposed)

Director: Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Engineering

  • Parmbir Sidhu –100% (unopposed)