One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

Estefany Henriquez, Reporter

  One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. The Rusty Roots Show, a traveling junk show, held its annual spring market on Mar. 7 at CSU Bakersfield on the Don Hart East lawn from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The show included vendors who came from all across California to sell their vintage, handmade, repurposed, and crafted items.  

  All of the small business owners showed up to support the community and gain exposure. This event was open to the public as well as students, and seeing the creativity in this community was welcoming as well as well put together. 

  Whitney Scarborough, founder of the Rusty Roots Show and event organizer, said, “Everyone has embraced us here in Bakersfield with warm arms. We have many vendors participating who are local, which shows how much more they have embraced us into the community. The response from the customers has been amazing.”  

  This event brings in people of all ages, according to Scarborough, because The Rusty Roots Show is so unique that it markets to everyone. That is why there is a broad genre of businesses in the show. 

  Kristin Palm of KMP Things creates and sells polymer clay earrings.  

  “I saw other people making them and I thought I could make them too. I receive inspiration from a lot of other mediums of art like oil painters, sculptures and even dance will motivate me,” Palm said. 

  Rusty Roots has been a way of expression for Palm so others can understand her point of view. 

  According to Palm, her favorite piece that she has worked on is called “Sister Faces.” It is special because they represent women’s faces with many similarities as well as some differences, making a connection to how humans look similar but have differences which create beauty in all of them. 

  Ashley Archuleta owns a shop called This Boy Mama Sews from which she sells custom kimonos, baby essentials, and hair accessories.  

  “The Rusty Roots show is an amazing show, it is organized extremely well, and it draws a huge crowd. It is great show to come and pop up at,” Archuleta said. 

  Archuleta highlights her favorite items, which are her swaddling blankets. 

Archuleta said, “It is fun to see something you create on a brand-new baby coming home from a hospital.” 

  Kara Inman and Tayler Limon own The Brick Wall Boutique, which prides itself in “Good Vibes and Great Fashion.” 

“I found Rusty Roots on Instagram and I’m all about getting out into the public and meeting new people so, I love doing pop ups like this and it is a great fit for us,” Inman said. 

  “I like incorporating a lot of healing stones in my jewelry, and it’s nice to share that knowledge with the customers. I enjoy the Rusty Roots show because there is a lot of creative energy going around, and I have been really inspired by that,” Limon said.