Surviving the quarantine: 15 must-see thrillers available now for streaming

Erin Dailey, Opinions Columnist

While it can be hard to stay in isolation during the quarantine period, it is vital for the health of our loved ones. For thriller fans, that may mean passing the time by watching a few of their favorite films. Here’s a list of thrillers that I recommend to help pass the time a bit easier.

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  • “Madtown” (2016): Drama/thriller. The protagonist, Brigs, tries to stay afloat while dealing with PTSD from the murder of his parents, as well as dealing with his sister’s release from prison. The film explores what defines family. “Madtown” features an unexpected ending that will leave fans reeling.
  • “Bloodline” (2018). Thriller/crime. This is another slow yet suspenseful film which begs the question: are doctors able to get away with murder?
  • “Becoming” (2020). Thriller. This is a must-see for horror fans, but unfortunately, this movie must be rented. However, you will not be disappointed as you see the protagonist attempting battle a truly evil yet enticing antagonist.
  • “Midsommar” (2019). Drama/ Thriller. This is a great film for anyone interested in anthropology. The film centers on anthropologists who visit a foreign exchange students’ village in an attempt to research for their master thesis. The characters soon realize they have been staying with a dangerous cult. Be aware, “Midsommar” is not for the squeamish.
  • “Brightburn” (2019). Action/horror/thriller. If you ever wondered what the comics would have been like if Superman was born evil, this epic origin story will not disappoint.


  • “Anna” (2019). Crime/thriller. This action-packed thriller surrounds the extreme choices of a model turned KGB officer, who will do anything to gain her freedom. If you are a fan of films like “Red Sparrow,” then “Anna” will not disappoint.
  • “Unsane” (2018). Thriller/Horror. This film takes place in a mental hospital. What makes this thriller so terrifying is that, other than the killer antagonist, “Unsane” represents a true portrayal of many mental institutions across America.
  • “Arizona” (2018). Comedy/thriller. This is perfect for someone hoping to remanence about the 2009 housing crisis. The film is both funny and scary, and a true telling of the times.
  • “Us” (2019). Horror/thriller. Often leaving viewers confused, it is important to think about the “American dream” before watching this film. Jordan Peel’s “Us” features a gruesome slasher film plot while exploring contemporary American societal issue


  • “Eli” (2019). Horror. The young protagonist is a violently sick boy. His parents just want to help him get better, but their journey is filled with twists and turns. By the end of the film, you will not believe the lengths his mother will go to keep her child happy. Although this film received mixed reviews, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  • “The App” (2019). Horror/thriller. Despite having a smaller budget, this film is an oddity; the film is still enjoyable for its quirks. The film explores what it would be like if Siri could make evil suggestions to mentally ill iPhone users.
  • “Every Time I Die” (2019). Thriller. This movie has an extremely interesting concept. For the protagonist, being murdered does not kill him. Instead, he simply reawakens in another body, making for a chilling horror film with a successful, and explosive plot.
  • “Freaks” (2018). Drama/thriller. This is one of my favorite films on Netflix. It explores a family of superhumans doing everything they can to stay hidden… until they can hide no longer.
  • “The Earthquake Bird” (2019). Thriller/mystery. Set in Japan, the movie flashes back to memories of the protagonist’s boyfriend. He is an enigma; how quickly can you see him for what he really is? This film is spectacularly morbid.

There are ways to still watch your favorite films with your loved ones while maintaining a healthy social distance. Friends can all watch a film together through Skype or your preferred method of video chat. This allows for pauses during the movie to discuss what is happening. A FaceTime call after the movie is another great way to see what everyone thought of the film.

Stay home. Stay safe. Stay healthy.