Runner Café closes dining room, prepackaged and carry-out replaces dining experience


Sam Under

Staff at the Runner Café work to clean and sanitize the dining area as a precaution for the Coronavirus.

Sam Underwood, Editor-in-Chief

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Runner Café is taking extra precautions to protect the campus community. The entire dining area has been closed off to customers, and the cafe is limiting itself to carry-out service.  In addition to closing the dining room, the self-serve stations have been restocked with pre-packaged meals. Items like soups must be requested at the home cooking station.

“Right now we are focusing on to-go foods only,” said Angie Gargano, executive chef of the Runner Café.  “Everything is to-go. The whole café is closed except to come in and get food to go, and everything is pre-packaged,” Gargano said.

Short-order prep stations, like the grill station, the home cooking station, and the pasta and pizza station, are still open but the dishes are being served in to-go plates to limit the amount of people occupying the café. Staff members are working to clean and sanitize the Runner Café and the dining room at this time.