Breaking news: CSUB moves to online education

Paige Atkison and Amy Pachla

On March 12, CSU Bakersfield President Lynnette Zelezny sent a campus-wide email announcing her decision, in consultation with the CSU Chancellor’s Office, Kern County Department of Public Health Services, her presidential cabinet, the chair of the Academic Senate, ASI President Aaron Wan, and school administrators from other schools in the community, to suspend in-person classes for CSUB for the remainder of the spring 2020 semester. 

The campus will remain open and employees will continue to report to work. Students living on campus are welcome to stay in their dorms. Vital services, including foodservice, the Food Pantry and distribution, Student Health Services, the Counseling Center, the library, and the Student Recreational Center, will continue to be open and operational. 

Starting next week, face-to-face classes are still permitted as classes transfer to a remote learning solution. Classes on campus are expected to be completely suspended by Monday, March 23. 

On Monday, March 16 to Friday, March 20, in-person classes are allowed to meet, but voluntary transfers to online teaching are encouraged. 

From Monday, March 23 to Thursday, March 26, in-person classes will be suspended while professors and staff prepare to move all classes to online forms of instruction. 

From Monday, March 27 to Tuesday, May 19, all in-person classes will be conducted online. Some in-person courses may continue with permission from the dean. No in-person finals will be conducted without the permission of the dean and provost.  

This is a rapidly developing story.