WAC commissioner suspends all sporting events

Rey Alaniz, Sports Reporter

  The 2020 WAC men’s and women’s basketball tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada ended abruptly Wednesday night, March 11 with the CSU Bakersfield women’s basketball team game being postponed until Thursday morning. This was in fear of a CSUB women’s basketball player being taken to the hospital prior to the start of the game with the fear that she had contracted the Coronavirus. The WAC held a meeting Thursday morning and decided to announce that the 2020 WAC tournament would be cancelled in its entirety Thursday morning. 

  In a press conference the following day Commissioner Jeff Hurd commented on the health of the student in question stating, “The person doesn’t have it” (Coronavirus). Commissioner Hurd also added that all WAC sports would be suspended for the time being and proceed with a “cautious approach.” He also added“that we don’t know everything we need to know, come April 1st or April 15th maybe there will be a different decision made, but we are prepared to go through the entire spring without playing any conference games. 

  Similarly, other conferences such as the ACC, SEC, Pac-12 Big 10, Big 12 and others made similar decisions with their upcoming basketball tournaments and entire athletics department, suspending all sports activities until further notice. These decisions were made in light of NBA center Rudy Gobert testing positive for the virus and prompted the NBA to suspend league activates Wednesday night. The MLB will follow suit and suspend Spring Training and push opening day back at minimum two weeks. 

  The CSUB men’s and women’s basketball team, the CSUB fan bus, and Pep Band returned to Bakersfield following the cancellation of the tournament on Thursday.