Breaking: Students and fans are vacated from WAC tournament after first day


Mari Woodmansee

CSUB freshman I’Yanna Lops, sophomore Miracle Saxon, and redshirt-junior Kate Tokuhara all celebrating during the blue-and-gold game on Oct. 22, 2019

Chris Burdick, Sports Co-Editor

  Before the CSU Bakersfield women’s basketball team was able to take the court on Wednesday night against the third seeded Grand Canyon University ‘Lopes, an emergency message was played over the intercom stating that the game was being postponed until Thursday morning at 9:30 a.m. due to a “health issue.” 

  Later that evening, CSUB students who had traveled to the tournament received a second message from chaperones before word was given out about the future of the tournament. The message read, “Students! We are sorry for the inconvenience but we have received updated information concerning the tournament and we are planning on returning to CSUB tomorrow. Please expect a text or call from us tomorrow morning with time of departure. Tonight, be extra diligent about large crowds, hand washing, and staying together. Be prepared with bags packed to leave the hotel once you receive word from us tomorrow.”  

  The WAC conference representatives will meet on Thursday morning to determine if they will take actions similar to various other sporting organizations, such as the Big 10 tournament and March Madness tournament, which have both been declared that they will be played without fans present due to the fear of COVID-19. 

  CSUB students were then messaged again Thursday morning and told by their chaperone that they would meet to attend the women’s basketball game at 9 am Thursday morning before departure back to Bakersfield. No official declaration has made by the WAC but it is heavily speculated that the tournament will meet the same fate as others and will be forced to be played without fans able to attend for fear of the virus spreading.