Career Expo ready to take over CSUB


Eli Miranda

Esmeralda Osornio, Sinora Kung, and Maricela Ramirez at the Career Expo Workshop in Dorothy Donahoe Hall, room K 101. Feb. 26th, 2020.

Marci Ruiz, Reporter

 CSU Bakersfield students attended a workshop on March 2 to prepare for the upcoming Career Expo. The expo will be held on March 5 at the Student Recreational Center. 

  Diane Allford, a career counselor in the Career Education and Community Engagement Center, discussed the services that the center offers. One of those services is helping students build their portfolios for potential job interviews and internships.  

  The center offers appointments and walk-ins for students to meet with a career counselor. Even as alumni, students can still come and use the services the center provides and can make two free career counseling appointments. Alumni who want additional meetings may request them for a fee of $50 a session. 

    Randy Kim is a former CSUB student. He attended the workshop to keep himself updated on any changes with regard to dress codes, resume formats, and to pick up some interviewing tips. 

 “You guys are all students, right? Take advantage of the free appointments. I have used one chance already. The first one is very worth it, but use your second one very wisely,” Kim said. 

  Allford discussed how to prepare a resume and make it look professional, and gave tips on what should go on a resume. One big tip was that students do not have to put their high school name under the education section of the resume. The only time that should be done is if you are applying to work with school district you attended, because they like to hire their own.  

The center also helps students write cover letters that are specifically pertinent to the job they are interested in. Jobseekers do not have to update their cover letters often. The only time it needs to be updated is when changing jobs. 

  Allford also discussed the dos and don’ts of dressing for an interview and for Career Expo itself, just in case anyone gets an interview on the spot.  

  Body piercings were a concern for one student who attended the workshop, because he has his ears pierced. His concern was how big the piercings can be.  

  Allford specified that small studs are ok for piercings, as long as the student does not have big gauges. Business casual is ok for these types of events as well as for an interview. Women may wear pants and a blouse; they are not required to be in a business suit. Men may wear a dress shirt with tie and slacks, no business coat is required.