ASI elections spring into motion


Mari Woodmansee

Some of our ASI members pose with our runner mascot after the Rowdy Runner Event for the Freshman Class of 2023 during the women’s soccer game that happened Friday September 6,2019.

Katrina Singleton, News Editor

  The ASI Board of Directors is holding elections for the 2020-2021 year. Applications to run for these positions are open now until 11 a.m. March 17, 2020.  

  Some of the positions available are: president & CEO, executive vice president, vice president of university affairs, and vice president of finance.  

  A schedule has been created for mapping out the process of applying to run for offices, and to help make the process run smoothly for the candidates. The schedule is as follows: 

  • Leap into Elections: Social Media Takeover from Feb. 4-7 
  • Committees in Action from Feb. 10-14 
  • Let’s Taco About It on Feb. 18 
  • The People’s Party: What Is ASI About on Feb. 25 
  •  Leap into Elections: Burritos Blowout on Feb. 28 
  • How to Run Your Campaign from March 2-6 
  • Navigating Your Elections Applications from March 9-13 
  • The Coolest Elections Social on March 16 
  • Mandatory Candidate Meeting on March 17 
  • Campaigning from March18-April 2 
  • Debate on March 30 
  • Voting from April 1-2 
  • Clean-up Campaign Materials on April 3 

  Anyone interested in applying to run in this upcoming election may refer to ASI’s tab on the CSU Bakersfield website. Questions about the election can be answered by ASI’s Executive Director, Ilaria Pesco, at (661) 654-2741.