The Runner Spotlight: Justin Edler-Davis

Mari Woodmansee, Photo Editor

  This issue’s Runner Spotlight is men’s basketball senior forward and co-captain Justin Edler-Davis.     

  Davis is a native of San Diego, where he was told from a young age that football was the way out. Davis wanted to prove that wrong. 

  “Whenever I step out on the court, that’s my motivation. I want to prove them wrong. They told me I couldn’t make it here, and now that I am, I want to go further and play at a higher level,” Davis said.  

  Although Davis is performing well in basketball now and was WAC player of the week, his first love was football. However, due to receiving too many injuries, he ended up getting into basketball in his sophomore year of high school.  

  Davis explains that he chose to come to CSUB to play basketball because it was a brotherhood that made him feel like he was at home. Also, he didn’t have many men in his life who believed in him, and the coaching staff at CSUB did, which was a big thing for him. 

  Davis has been heating up in the past few games. In the game against the Kansas City University Roos, Davis recorded a career-high in points at 25, and aided in the Roadrunners overtime win. 

  Against the Utah Valley Wolverines, Davis was a critical piece in another ‘Runners overtime win.  

  “When it gets to overtime, that’s winning time. That’s a time where a team really needs to stand out. You need to step up and do what you do, but at a higher level so you can help the team win,” Davis said.   

  When speaking about his performance on the court, Davis says he feels good about his hard work paying off. 

  Outside of basketball, Davis’ interests lie with fashion and music. He likes to listen to all different genres of music. He also likes to online window shop by going on different social media sites to see different fashions. When he’s not playing basketball, he likes to dress nice.