Men’s soccer reveals plans for upcoming season

Brian Melgar, Sports Writer

  With the new semester come new developments in the world of CSU Bakersfield’s sports teams. One of the highlights is our soccer team and the exciting new ways they will be invigorating the next upcoming season. 

  Before the start of the new semester, team captain Carlos Armendariz attended a training camp in Texas. During an interview, Armendariz said that he had initially been in one of the beginner camps and had hoped to get pulled into what he called the “full camp” for the next step in his training.  

  “I feel like I became more mature and professional there and can now bring better leadership to the team,” said Armendariz, who has only recently returned from this new experience. 

  When Armendariz speaks about the ways his experience at the training camp will benefit his whole team and not just him, the enthusiasm in his voice is audible. According to him, the team is “excited.” 

  Sophomore defender Stephon Marcano said that the team was ecstatic about Armendariz bringing his new knowledge into the team. The sense, once again, that a victory for any single team member is a victory for the entire team was apparent. 

  Marcano called the CSUB soccer team “one big family” during his interview, and that closeness was echoed by everything seen from the sidelines during warm-up drills. Speaking on how he feels about the new players coming in for the new semester, Marcano said, “It feels good. I think we have a solid group with the new players.” 

  Head Coach Richie Grant also spoke about Armendariz’ time at the training camp, noting the captain’s talent, but emphasizing, “I think it stems more from his work ethic and commitment than it does from just his talent,” and that “there’s humility in him.” 

  Grant says soccer is a personal sport to Armendariz, as his father played the sport as well, and this personal connection allows him to excel and, in Grant’s words, “only makes him work harder.” 

  Grant’s main goal for the future of the team is to “continue improving the culture around the team.” He wants the Runners to continue on their path of being akin to a big family of players, and says the existing culture owes to the team getting along very well, along with a “lack of jealousy within the team.”  

  The CSUB men’s soccer team is currently training during the off season.