Four basic tips for students of any major

Ashley Balcaceres

When students first begin college, they usually attend an orientation at the university they have chosen. At orientation, students are told where everything is, the names of all the main buildings, the locations of student study areas, restaurants and other places to buy food, and many other details. However, orientation does not go over everything. It doesn’t cover some vital requirements of every university student no matter their major, and it doesn’t address all the concerns that every student has. The Runner has compiled a list of four basic tips every student attending CSU Bakersfield needs to know.
Many CSUB seniors are surprised to learn in their major’s capstone classes that they should have been saving their course syllabi. Many majors have a Senior Seminar class, where students are required to assemble a Senior Portfolio. The portfolio will be an overview of all the courses taken by the student during their time at the university, as well as a personal statement, examples of work, and a resume. Many students enroll in their capstone classes as seniors not realizing that they needed to be saving their class documents all along, so The Runner is telling you now: KEEP ALL OF YOUR SYLLABI.
Joining an organization not only helps students make connections throughout their university careers, but also lets them experience fun, new things with the friends they make here. Students can get involved by joining a club, pledging a fraternity or sorority, or even by getting a job on campus. Student activities also look good on a resume to potential employers. CSUB has a lot to offer for clubs, organizations, and activities, and they’re always happy to see new faces (even The Runner, no matter your major).
CSUB has a lot of resources available at no extra cost to all enrolled students, people just have to know where to get them. The Student Recreation Center (SRC) has a gym, exercise classes, personal trainers, a basketball court, showers, and rooms available for all the students’ fitness needs. There is also the Food Pantry where students, faculty, and staff can get free food, including the Pop-Up Produce Pantry, every week. The Student Union (SU) also has some hidden gems, like the arts and crafts rooms for making organization posters, event fliers, or other decoration ideas. These are just a few of the many resources available to CSUB students.
The university life is not just about completing school and getting a degree. It’s also about making connections and having the time of our lives. It is about finding what we want out of our lives. Many times, it’s about learning what we don’t want, too. You’ll be okay. You’ll pass that class (or take another). You’ll pass at life. Don’t worry, it’s going to be alright. Making mistakes is not the end of the world, and you’re here to learn that by making them. Just live your life, do your best, and remember to breathe.