A-B-C’s of CSUB

Sofia Martinez

New to CSU Bakersfield’s campus? Here is a little survival guide to help you with understanding the acronyms for buildings or organizations commonly used amongst students and faculty:

BDC: Business Development Center
DDH: Dorothy Donahoe Hall
SRC: Student Recreation Center
SU: Student Center
WSL: Walter Stiern Library
HOB: Humanities Office Building
ITV: Instructional Television (classrooms)

ASI: Associated Students Incorporated
UPD: University Police Department
VPSA: Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
CECE: Career Education and Community Engagement

BDC: There are five buildings in the Business Development Center. Building A is where administrative and faculty offices are. Building B is classrooms. Building C is Extended University. Building D is the Dezember Leadership Development Center, and Building E is the office of CSUB’s president, Dr. Lynnette Zelezny. The BDC courtyard is where Dr. Zelezny begins her “Runner Walk & Talks,” where she asks students to give her feedback on how they feel about CSUB.
DDH: According to the CSUB self-guided tour, the Dorothy Donahoe Hall “building holds banners on its walls that represent over 100 clubs and organizations at CSUB. Also, inside are faculty offices and classrooms for courses in Anthropology, Criminal Justice, Liberal Arts, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology, and Modern Languages.”
SRC: The Student Recreation Center is a place where students can develop healthy lifestyle activities by working out with the gym equipment or run the track that’s above the basketball court. There’s also personal training, rock climbing competitions, Group X classes that contain various activities such as cycling, kickboxing, yoga, and Zumba.
SU: The Student Union has various offices, including student government (ASI), the Student Involvement office, and Campus Programming. The Student Union has the Runner Bookstore, where students can rent or buy their textbooks, pencils, Scantrons, and blue books. The Student Union also has a Panda Express and a Starbucks inside.
WSL: The Walter Stiern Library consists of group study rooms, individual study desks, computers, laptops to rent, and Walter’s for coffee or snacks to munch on while studying. Each level has signs posted to indicate the acceptable noise on that level, from silent to collaborative conversation.
ITV: The Instructional Television classrooms allow CSUB professors in Bakersfield to teach for students both here and on the Antelope Valley campus simultaneously via live streaming video. The ITV classrooms are in the basement of the Walter Stiern Library, accessible from the east side entrance.

ASI: Associated Students Incorporated is CSUB’s student government organization. Each major has its own ASI representative, and for students looking to get involved with campus development, speaking to their ASI representative is a good first start. The ASI office is located inside the Student Union building, and holds meetings every week from 3 to 5 p.m. every Friday.
UPD: The University Police Department is located on the east side of campus near the Science buildings. A fully empowered state police post, UPD is available 24 hours a day to assist students, resolve problems, and investigate criminal activity on campus.
VPSA: A common acronym on university emails about campus events, the office of the Vice President for Student Affairs is the campus hub for student organizations and activities. Emails from VPSA tell students about events and activities, available resources, and involvement opportunities on campus.
CECE: The Career Education and Community Engagement office is located next to the Runner Café, and it’s the students’ one stop shop for employment, both on campus and beyond. CECE hosts job postings, resume seminars, skill-building opportunities, and more. CECE also administers the Handshake.com website, CSUB’s online job listing tool.