Sushi Rolls into Runner Cafe


Runna Morisawa

Students eating in the Runner Cafe during the Fall 2019 semester. Runner Cafe is one of many dining options available on campus.

Sam Underwood

Changes are coming to the Runner Café in the new semester, including sushi, music, and a new executive chef to provide meals to the campus community.
The Runner Café has multiple meal stations to choose from, including a salad bar, a burger grill, and a pizza bar. A new addition, Bento Sushi, will be open in the Café starting Jan 21, which will add to the culinary diversity on campus. The Bento Sushi station will replace the sandwich bar that occupied the corner station last spring 2019.
Music will be playing throughout the Runner Café this semester, according to Wayne Narine, director of campus dining experience, through a sound system installed over winter break.
“We want students to feel that the Café is a warm and inviting place. We want students to feel that they are at home,” said Narine.
The music stations have not yet been selected, but Narine wants to play music that is relatable to the students and up to date with current trends.
This semester will also see the addition of an executive chef to the Runner Café. Narine confirmed that chef Angie Gargano was hired to fill the empty position and will be taking the lead at the Runner Café.
Besides the Runner Café, there are numerous other locations on campus which provide food services to CSUB students:
Starbucks is located at the south end of the Student Union building, accessible through the book store. This is a full-service location that has coffee, drinks, and food to get you through the day.
Panda Express is at the north end of the Student Union building, just as you enter the main doors. This location has all the same options as a Panda Express may have outside of campus. There is also a patio for enjoying the fresh air, and various gaming tables in the dining area to relax and unwind with friends.
Runner Express is located on the red brick road across from Science I and is ideal for quick snacks, drinks, and coffee. There is a selection of sandwiches and snacks available. This semester, the Runner Express will be experimenting with extended hours. Monday through Friday they will be open until 10 p.m. and from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays for a trial basis.
Walter’s Cofffee and Snack Bar is located in the main lobby of the Walter Steirn Library and, much like the Runner Express, has a selection of beverages, snacks, and coffee.
Which Wich is a sandwich and salad shop located along the red brick road at the west end of Science III. Which Wich has a variety of sandwiches and salads as well as a “build your own” option.
The Curbside Kitchen is a food truck located just south east of the Arts and Humanities building that offers many different food truck styles; everything from breakfast burritos, to burgers, to carne asada fries.
Fit & Grub is another food truck located on the south side of Science II near the University Police Department. FIt & Grub focuses on keto and vegan options for those students that are looking for something a little healthier.