Prepare for finals at the SRC Zen Zone


Mari W

Student Grace Gil triesher luckboulderingon the bouldering wall in the SRC on Thursday Sept.26 2019.

Angie Saavedra, Reporter

  As the 2019 fall semester is coming to an end, finals are beginning to approach. Students who are looking for ways to de-stress during finals week can go to the Student Recreation Center, which will be offering an end of the semester Zen Zone event on Tuesday, Dec. 10. The Zen Zone has been taking place for the past four years. The event will be in the SRC SolarioRoom, and Group X will be held in the Sequoia or Mojave Studio.  

  Fitness and Wellness Coordinator Leah Bank said, “There are typically about 100 students who attend the event throughout the day and utilize space for studying, relaxing, working on group projects, and de-stressing.”  

  The Zen Zone gives students the opportunity to either get their minds off of school or a space for them to come and study for their upcoming finals.  

  Bank also mentioned that the SRC will be offering snacks as well as activities such as coloring, games, yoga and stretching, and wellness wheel assessments.  

  She mentioned that the Group X schedule will run as normal for the day, with 30minute abs, yoga, butts and guts, Zumba, kickboxing, cycling, and dance fusion.  

  Cynthia Esparza, a junior in nursing, says she is open to the idea of attending the Zen Zone event, considering that it is her first semester back since having her son. 

  “The Zen Zone sounds like a perfect place to derail myself from everything that is going on at home and zone out doing yoga,” said Esparza.  

  Attending the Zen Zone is a great way to destress yourself from the outside world and focus on your needs for the time being.  

  Diana Hernandez, business major, says she can’t wait for the event.  

  Hernandez said, “I have been attending the Zen Zone events for the past two years. It is a great way to focus on finals and focus on yourself.” 

   For those who are interested and want further information about the event, they can find the event calendar on the SRC’s social media, or contact Leah Bank at l[email protected]