Veterans Day Celebration

Carlos Hernandez and Alexis Garcia

On November 7th, 2019 CSUB had it’s 2nd annual Veteran’s Day Celebration. The festivities included free pizza, military personnel displaying tactical vehicles, and a spectacular Blackhawk landing at Runner Park.

Interim Provost & Vice President of Academic Affairs, Vernon B. Harper Jr. marvels about the event as a Veteran himself, “ We’re celebrating our Veterans & all the service they provide to our country. As a Veteran myself it’s very important to me to provide all the support we can to all our service Men & Women.”

Veterans Center Coordinator Jaime Pacheco describes the multitudes of ways students can support Veteran’s, “Some of our Veterans face some hardships and difficulties, so just donating time to the community and giving back to our veterans. You can also provide support here on campus at the Veterans Success Center. Our Veterans Club includes non Veterans as well& they participate in events that support veterans here in our community.”

Specialist Josh Carmona, an 88M Army Veteran describes the feelings from the day,specifically from the Blackhawk landing, “It was a really great experience that actually gave me chills, actually seeing it landing right in front of us was like whoa!”

Last year the Veteran’s Day Celebration featured the Blackhawk landing, this year Military tactical vehicles were added to the event, as for next year Veteran’s Center Coordinator, Jaime Pacheco says she doesn’t know how to top this year, but with all of the support she & the Veterans Center have received she’s already excited about what the future will bring