Roadrunners in high spirits after narrow loss

Women’s volleyball team loses 2-3 to Grand Canyon University after a strong back-and-forth lead


Stephanie Williams/The Runner

CSUB’s volleyball team gather in a group circle before the game at the Icardo Center on Oct. 17.

Amaya Lawton, Sports Contributor

  The CSU Bakersfield ‘Runners volleyball team went headtohead against Grand Canyon University on Thursday, Oct. 17. The game started and the ‘Runners were down in points early. Communication on the court helped the team catch up and continue strong. At the end of the first match, the score was 18-25.  

  The second match started with high energy from both the players and the fans. The ‘Runners pushed through and dominated the court with a block for match point, 25-23. The team would be going into the third match tied with GCU 1-1. 

  The third match was on its way and the energy was high. The crowd was going wild when the score was 21-13. Emotions were high when GCU came back to put the score at 24-21, but the ‘Runners only needed one more point. A hit over the net with GCU blocking it out scored match point for the ‘Runners, 25-21.  

  Fourth match came and went with the score 17-25. The ‘Runners and GCU were tied in sets once again, 2-2. The last match had everyone in the stands showing pride for the ‘Runners as they cheered them on.  

  Both teams were in a race to get to 15. After each serve there was a point. The ‘Runners were at 10 and GCU was right behind them. The match had everyone out of their seats. The ‘Runners pushed and worked as a team to score. However, GCU scored match point with a hit over the net, and the fourth set finished 13-15. At the end of the game, the overall match score was 2-3 in favor of GCU.