CSUB to celebrate Día de los Muertos

Sofia Martinez, Reporter

  Día de los Muertos is a holiday originating in Mexico. The name translates in Spanish to “Day of the Dead.”  

  It is a day that honors those who have passed. Families visit their ancestors’ graves and have picnic, or host a celebration at their home by decorating with their passed loved ones’ favorite flowers, toys, items, dishes and music.  

  There are typically two days of this traditional celebration. On Nov. 1, the deaths of babies and toddlers are honored, and Nov. 2 is primarily about the deaths of adults. When celebrating Día de los Muertos, it is believed that marigold flowers will awaken the dead and guide their spirits back to their graves to spend time with the living gathered there 

  Oftentimes, families make a sweet bread coated with sugar and shaped as a skull called Pan de Muertos. Face painting and decorating sugar skulls is common in the tradition.  

  CSU Bakersfield will host a Día de los Muertos event on Thursday, Oct. 31 on the red brick road between Dorothy Donahoe Hall and the Education building at 10 a.m. This is an opportunity to educate others about the importance of Día de los Muertos to Hispanic culture, and to encourage everyone to join in on the celebration.