David Hogg has canceled lecture at CSUB


Hogg speaking during a March for Our lives event at a High School in Maine. Photo courtesy of March for Our Lives

Alex Chapa-Kunz, Jessica Wright, and

David Hogg, a gun control activist and survivor of the school shooting in Parkland, FL in 2018, has cancelled the planned visit to CSU Bakersfield according to a news release from CSUB Director of Public Affairs and Communications Jennifer Self. 

  The news release states that representatives for Hogg sited a conflict due to Hogg’s academic schedule as a Freshman at Harvard which caused him to cancel all speaking commitments for the 2019-2020 academic year. 

  “We are disappointed that David won’t be able to join us but, as part of an academic institution, we understand and respect his need to prioritize his educational responsibilities, we will find an excellent speaker for spring 2020 and look forward to continuing the tradition of the Charles W. Kegley Memorial Lecture Series,” said Dr. Michael Burroughs, director of the Kegley Institute of Ethics. 

  Hogg was scheduled to speak at the 34th Annual Charles W. Kegley Memorial Lecture Series in April of 2020. Past speakers have included Dr. Angela Davis, Former California Supreme Court Justice Cruz Reynoso, Dr. Cornel West, and many others. 

  According to a press release, Hogg wishes to express his appreciation for the opportunity. Burroughs is working on finding a new speaker for the 2020 spring lecture. 

  As with the initial announcement, news of the cancellation caused disagreements on social media. 

  Joshua Henry, a commenter on the KGET news Facebook page, stated “Nobody wanted him here anyway that’s why”. 

  “Good nobody wants to hear what CNN told him to say anyway,” said Trisha Chapman on the same thread. 

  “Republicans believe in freedom of speech, until its on topics they don’t agree with. Who cares if this kid wanted to come here…” argued Angela Andrea.