Local Trump supporters protest impeachment inquiry


Mari Woodmansee

Community members gather to show their support for the current president at a pro Trump rally organized by Luther Craig on California Ave. Thursday Oct. 15

Jessica Wright, Assistant News Editor

Trump supporters gathered at the Barnes & Noble parking lot on California Ave in Bakersfield on Oct. 17 in protest of the calls for the president’s impeachment. A crowd of people massed along the curb carrying American flags, Trump 2020 flags, and homemade anti-impeachment signs in support of the president. The protest was in conjunction with Women for America First, who held their own rally in Washington D.C., as well as several other nationwide gatherings, including one in San Jose.

Craig Luther, a retired Air Force historian, and current military author, was the coordinator of the local event. According to Luther, the call for impeachment was the last straw in a long list of allegations that caused him to organize this rally.

“The Democrats act like the proverbial spoiled child. No matter what he [Trump] does, it’s wrong, even if it’s right. It [the impeachment] is all about building a narrative, not telling the truth,” said Luther.

Luther goes on to assert that the allegations against Trump concerning the Ukrainian president are false.

“Meanwhile, pressing problems – infrastructure, prescription drugs, unsecure southern borders, the tragedy of opioid addiction, the inexorable rise of dangerous ethno-nationalist China, to name a few – are simply ignored by Pelosi and her House caucus,” said Luther.

Luther also spoke about the repercussions he believes will happen if no one is brought to justice, and how the United States of America could be no different from a banana republic, a term which means a country whose government is based on capitalism and concerns itself with corporate power rather than democracy and social wellbeing.

The protest caused some commotion on the streets. Passersby honked their horns either in support for Trump and the flags flown nearby or in counter protest. Several cars drove through flying the Mexican flag, as well as some that flew the American flag. However, there was not a large turn-out for the Democratic party at the event.

“I want people to know Trump has California’s support and that California isn’t all liberal,” said one pro-Trump protester, Lisa Jacobs, a technical support engineer, who made it a point to be at the rally and fly a Trump 2020 flag because she agrees with the progress in the economy Trump has made.

The crowd of protesters took up the length of the parking lot alongside the road and spilled into the adjoining business front. People from all walks of life were there, one of whom was Jim Lopez, a retired disabled veteran who served 23 years in both the Marine Corps and Air Force.

“Being a veteran, I appreciate that he concerns himself with veterans. I got an appointment within two days and got decent healthcare because of him. Look at the things he has done that no others [presidents] have. How many others have gotten chummy with North Korea,” said Lopez.

Concurrent to the rally, a table to sign a petition for the recall of Governor Gavin Newsom was set up for anyone who wished to do so. The petition, approved by Alejandro Padilla, Secretary of State of California, was submitted by congressional candidate from Palm Springs Erin Cruz. According to Susan Adams, local facilitator for Recall Gavin Newsom, their goal is two million signatures. In order to get the recall onto the next ballot, the petition needs 1.5 million valid signatures, and exceeding that amount ensures their success.