Rock climbing: exercise and entertainment


Mari Woodmansee/The Runner

Opinion writer for The Runner Isis Gallardo getting blayed down off the rock wall after she reached the top of the rock wall located in the SRC on Thrursday Sept. 26 2019

Isis Gallardo, Opinions Writer

At first, I was not sure how I felt about indoor rock climbing, but after trying it out for the first time, I can see why so many students and faculty have come to quickly fall in love with a sport that is both interactive and physically challenging. Now, I myself look forward to starting my rock climbing journey into a stronger and healthier lifestyle.

One of the many resources available for students at CSU Bakersfield to help them stay healthy and physically active is rock climbing. The rock climbing wall can be found at the front entrance of the Student Recreation Center at CSUB in front of the locker rooms.

When I asked some of the students at the SRC about rock climbing the responses varied, but everyone agreed rock climbing was a great way to stay physically active.

“I really like it. I just started last semester, [and] I’ve gotten better at [rock climbing]. It’s helped me with my endurance and strength. Rock climbing here makes it fun and easy to make friends,” said Jeanie Saguiped, a junior majoring in human biology.

Criminal justice senior Edson Mase said, “It’s a really different kind of exercise. Makes you work out and strength your whole body. Everyone should try it at least once to see if they like it.”

While rock climbing, I also felt my whole body relax and I was able to work out muscles in my body that I had not exercised since I was in high school two years ago. Just like Saguiped and Mase, I felt my whole body pushing itself and the endorphins kicking in shortly after I worked out, making me feel relaxed and satisfied. I also felt everyone’s support and encouragement at the rock climbing wall, as I faced my fears of heights and endured until the end.

Mari Woodmansee/The Runner
Student Grace Gil tries her luck bouldering on the bouldering wall in the SRC on Thursday Sept. 26 2019.

“Both climbing and bouldering, the name for climbing on low rock formations without a rope, involve nearly the whole body’s musculature,” according to a 2018 Time Magazine article, “Why Rock Climbing May Be the Ultimate Full-Body Workout,” written by Markham Heid. Although rock climbing requires you to use your whole body, you do not need to be an avid rock climber. The beauty about rock climbing is that no one needs to be fully experienced in rock climbing, in order to have a great experience and a full-body workout.

When asked about rock climbing, Branden Dunn, business graduate student and vice president of the rock climbing team said, “I love it. We go and travel to other gyms, climb outdoors, and generally visit commercial gyms, and other universities with rock climbing walls, like at CSU Northridge in Valencia. This semester, we have the CSU invitation, [and multiple CSU will come to CSU Bakersfield to compete].” Just like the other students, Dunn stated that rock climbing brings people together as they help push each other to try different levels.

During my first experience rock climbing, I was honestly a little afraid after seeing all the strong, fit, and experienced climbers, but when it was my turn to climb, everyone cheered me on until I reached the finish line. I can genuinely attest that the rock climbing community at CSUB is truly encouraging and supportive towards everyone, regardless of their rock climbing experience.

Although not everyone is a fan of rock climbing, even people who do not climb agree that rock climbing is a great form of exercise.

“I’m not into it. I like it, but it’s not [really my style]. Looks fun, though I don’t think I would want to do activities like [rock climbing]. I usually prefer different sports like soccer, I love soccer,” Sultan Ashammari, junior and business management major.

Mari Woodmansee/The Runner
Thomas Perez a student at CSUB tries to climb to the top of the rock wall located in the SRC on Thursday Sept. 26 2019.

Another student, kinesiology senior Thomas Perez, said that rock climbing is “Different and Difficult. I don’t do it all the time, but I do come for the competition. I really enjoy it.”

The adrenaline that flowed through my body pumped me full of energy that allowed me to face my fears of heights and reach the top. I felt strong, united with my peers, and satisfied to have reached my goal. Yes, rock climbing may not be a sport that everyone will instantly love, but without first rock climbing how will students know whether they enjoy it or not?

Grace Gil, criminal justice alumnus, said, “I use it as a stress reliever. It’s such a great stress reliever for me.”

Personally, I loved my experience rock climbing, and I recommend that everyone try rock climbing at least once while at CSUB. I strongly believe rock climbing is an excellent option for students, faculty, or CSU Bakersfield alumni who are looking for different forms of exercise and entertainment.