Volleyball puts up a fight during Roadrunner Classic


Mari Woodmansee/The Runner

Sophomore setter, Leisa Elisaia sets the ball for one of her teammates during the Roadrunner Classic at the Icardo Center on Friday, Sept. 20, 2019.

Elisa Fuentes, Sports Reporter

By Elisa Fuentes

Sports Reporter

The Roadrunner Classic took place from Sept. 20 to Sept. 21. The Roadrunners headed into the tournament with a 2-1 record from the previous weekend. With a chance to carry on that momentum and win their three matches of the tournament, the ‘Runners went in with a fight that carried them on until the last second of their last match of the tournament.

“It felt like we were getting into a groove, figuring things out more on the court, and working together really well. It was an exciting time to come into our home tournament,” said junior Emily Hansen.

The first match of the Classic was against the University of San Francisco. The ‘Runners proved their fighting momentum during the match and came out on top, finishing with 3-2. They won their first set, but lost the next two to San Francisco. They took the last two sets and won the match.

“It demonstrated the kind of grit that our team had after coming back and fighting for five sets. It showed the heart that we had,” said Hansen of the match.

The second match was against University of California, Davis. The ‘Runners were able to win their first set, but the Aggies came back by winning set two. That didn’t deter the ‘Runners from winning the last two sets, leaving the score 3-1.

“It was so much fun and there was so much energy even with so many things happening. We were not going to give up,” said sophomore Milicia “Mili” Vukobrat about the UC Davis game.

The final match of the tournament was against Fresno State University. The ‘Runners had already beaten the Bulldogs when they played against each other at Fresno’s tournament. The fight in them never left throughout the match. They lost the first set 25-15, but persisted on to the next, which they lost again, 25-16. They were down by two sets with Fresno still going strong, yet they managed to hold on and fight into the third set which they lost 25-16. The Bulldogs came out with a 3-0 win against the Roadrunners.

The loss against Fresno didn’t shake the ‘Runners confidence or determination. They took the loss as a learning experience, and a chance to improve and become even better.

Vukobrat said after the match, “Our energy was a little down and we didn’t know how to come back, but we learned from it.”

Hansen agreed, saying, “We definitely learned from it. It showed what we need to work on, but we’re already working on it. And our quote from it is about letting go of the past, but remembering it, and moving on with it into the future.”

“Yes, learning from it and just letting it be and stay in the past. You can be frustrated about it, but can’t change it,” Vukobrat added.

Win or loss, these ‘Runners will stick together, fight, and support each other until the end.

“Our fight is always there. We don’t lose sight of what we want. If it doesn’t go our way, we’re still together at the end of it,” Hansen said.

“We’re together until the last point and we can lean on each other. Whoever comes to the court, whoever goes out, we’re going to support and give 100 percent,” said Vukobrat.