St. Mary edges out CSUB men’s soccer team


Becca Romo/The Runner

Men’s soccer head coach, Richie Grant, during the match against St. Mary’s.

Becca Romo, Sports Editor

Becca Romo

Sports Editor


After playing a heart-felt game, the Roadrunners come up short by one point scored in the 93rd minute of the game by St. Mary’s College of California.

As their only home game for the month of September, the men’s soccer team hoped to come out with a win after breaking a losing streak with a win against Sacramento State at the beginning of September.

The St. Mary’s Gaels lead the game in the beginning of the first half by scoring the first goal of the game in the 27th minute.

The ‘Runners come back into the second half with dedication to score. They do just that after the Gaels score their second goal in the second half.

The team catches up as they score two goals back to back. Senior forward, Niklas Körber, scores CSU Bakersfield’s first goal in the 83rd minute.

Ryan Goldsmith, senior forward, spares no time for another goal in the 85th minute of the game. The teams tie 2-2 leading up to the end of the game.

The ‘Runners and Gaels go into overtime and within a few minutes St. Mary’s Anders Engebretsen scores a goal with minutes to spare before overtime ended.

St. Mary’s continues their winning streak after defeats CSUB men’s soccer team. “Our program [and] our team did a really good job of being prepared,” said CSUB head coach, Richie Grant.