Fall Fashion: Aesthetics, Colors, and Styles to know

Sofia Martinez, Reporter

Photo provided by Regina Carlos.
Regina Carlos poses on a staircase to show her outfit.

It’s officially fall, which means that new styles are surfacing everywhere.

Fall fashion is very subjective. Most retail companies have been releasing animal prints, silk or satin shirts with lace, feathers on camisoles, and colors such as lilac purple or mustard.

Ever since K-Pop music was introduced to America, stores like Forever 21 have implemented more pastel colors and simple designs. Asian fashion culture has slowly been merging into the American wardrobe. There are also names for certain fashion aesthetics, such as “VSCO girls.” They tend to have a hydro flask covered with stickers, mainly shop at Brandy Melville, wear oversized t-shirts with vans, a shell necklace, a scrunchie, and carry Fjallraven Kanken backpacks. There are other widely known types of aesthetics in 2019 known as “grunge”, “baddie”, and “soft girls.”

Trends come and go, and are only in style for a short period of time. A couple years later however, they can come back. Some trends that have returned from the past are 90’s fashion accessories such as the scrunchie and hair barrettes, which are now a trend for the fall of 2019. Another trend is chunky sneakers, especially the white Filas that every fashion influencer seems to have. Some have called this the “dad shoe” trend. High-waisted “mom” jeans, and anything distressed, especially in jeans, and jean jackets have been proven to be in style for years. A few years ago, a flannel long sleeve shirt tied around the waist was a trend, but like any other trend it faded out.

“In my opinion, some current trends are bamboo ‘picnic’ bags, statement chunky sneakers, biker shorts. I like the chunky sneaker and picnic bag statements. You can definitely wear these trends to school or social events because you can dress them up or down,” said Regina Carlos, Class of 2021, who is double majoring in psychology and English.

“A popular upcoming trend I’ve noticed is the whole ‘cybergothic’ fashion. My favorite trend is the cybergothic, vaporware aesthetic and the whole 90’s grunge era, and my least favorite would be the minimalistic looks or even designer statement pieces put together,” said management/marketing major Christian Jesse Villaruz, Class of 2021. “My fashion inspiration comes from the T.V. shows, movies and even social media influencers like ‘barbiegutz’ and ‘melovemealot’ who express their own personal selves in their style,” adds Villaruz.

“Well I currently work two jobs, which means that I maintain three different types of outfits. I work with students from K-6, so I need to wear comfortable clothing. For my retail job I wear stylish and professional clothing. My third type of outfit is for my non-work or non-school days, in which I can dress the way I want, and it doesn’t necessarily consist of current fashion, but instead always me to express myself” said Celeste Munoz, Class of 2020, majoring in psychology and CAFS (child, adolescent, and family studies).

Fashion trends are constantly changing due to a lot of fast fashion companies that mass produce large amounts of clothing made from cheap fabrics by underpaid workers in hazardous work conditions. However, there are many different sustainable fashion options from companies such as Reformation and Everlane, which provide affordable ways to shop for responsible products. Fashion is always changing and new awareness is being brought to the industry every day.