Club Fair offers students ways to get involved


Ruuna Morisawa

Students interact with the M.E.Ch.A. club leaders at the Club Fair on Sept. 4 outside the Runner Cafe.

Carlos Hernandez and Briana Gutierrez

Maria Hernandez, Feature Writer

  The CSU Bakersfield Club Fair took place at the Runner Café Quad on Thursday, Sep. 4, 2019. The fair started at 11:00 AM and ended at 1:00 PM. During that time, students were able to learn about the clubs and organizations available at CSUB. CSUB has more than 100 clubs, but only fifty of them participated in the fair. The main purpose of the Club Fair was to show students why joining a club can benefit them and to “Give students the opportunity to interact with the clubs offered on campus,” said Edward Webb, student organization coordinator at CSUB. The clubs who were able to participated in the fair were some of the clubs that had the most students who decided to join.

  Clubs and organizations, help apprentices learn new skills. Apprentices can collaborate with experts who are not necessarily professors, “When you’re in college there is a lot of different ways that you can learn things and not all of them come from the classroom,” said Webb. At the Club Fair, various club members were trying to persuade other students to join a club or an organization. Club members are connected to the real world, and they know how to succeed while they train their capabilities.

  One of the clubs participating in this event was the Nursing Club. Club members talked about the benefits a student can get by joining. Most of the clubs and organizations at CSUB help the community, too. “It is enjoyable, it is a good way to practice my clinical skills, and I go places where I normally [don’t] go, like the homeless shelter,” said Haleigh Hayes, nursing major and class of 2020. The Nursing Club accepts new members who wish to participate in helping the community. For example, through the Nursing Club students can go to new cities and states to learn from different professionals in their nursing job. This is a great opportunity for students who like to spend their time wisely, while having fun.

  The Club Fair motivated some students to join a club. Many of them feel motivated to join clubs that are related to their majors. “I am actually thinking of joining the kinesiology club this year,” said  Senorina Diaz, kinesiology major and class of 2020.  When learners stay motivated in one organization associated with their major, that can help them achieve their career goals. Numerous students choose to join an organization because they like what they hear from other people, especially if they hear it from family or friends already in the club. “Having this Club Fair was a good idea because I could learn about the kinesiology club that I would like to join,” said Diaz. The Club Fair has a big impact on students focusing more on school because they get more interest in their career.

  Any student from CSUB are welcome to unite with their peers and join a club. Students can visit the university website at any time to find out what clubs CSUB has to offer.