Campus adds bus parking and temporary BC classrooms

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Campus adds bus parking and temporary BC classrooms

Marsalh Mussaad, Reporter

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One of the main parking entrances near the flagpoles has undergone a few noticeable changes. The entrance at Don Hart Drive West and Stockdale Highway was closed for a short period while construction was progressing. The repairs now include six new bus parking infrastructures located on Don Hart Drive West. Phase I of the GET Bus repair has been completed. Phase II, which includes additional bus shelters, is waiting for approval before construction begins.

Restrooms in the Performing Arts building have undergone renovations as well in order to meet ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance. The building itself is projected to future renovations. This project is estimated at 6 million dollars and is waiting for further funding.

The vacant area off of South West Road and Camino Media is allocated for a new three-story University Office Center, which will begin construction sometime in March. However, in the meantime, temporary classrooms for Bakersfield College have been built. These classrooms will be in use by community students in mid-October.

A new building, Extended Education and Global Outreach (EEGO), for the engineering department is in the pre-planning stage. It will include 17 engineering labs, new classrooms, and auditoriums. The building will be built on the grass area between Science III and the Health center and is expected to cost around 80 million dollars. Funding and planning progressions will continue for the next two years.

Campus building official, Hasit Panchal, has stated, “New construction projects may take anywhere from six months to a year to complete.” Although projects are still in progress, some of the construction that started this year have already been completed.

A couple of the chemistry labs have been remodeled including the stockroom lab in the Science I building and the organic chemistry lab in Science II room 261. The remodels provide updated stock and new equipment and offer more efficient and organized labs for students.

Another project that has been completed is the challenge course located outside the student recreation center. It is advertised as a challenge and team building program. A minimum of 8 participants are needed for the high ropes course. The cost for students is $10 per person for a two-and-a-half-time slot.

In addition to new projects, upcoming construction to expect this year include roof and waterline repairs, construction in the turnaround outside the Icardo center, and ongoing maintenance.