Graduation: Last step to the future


Vincent Perez

Juana Romo, a senior business managament major, stands near the Music Building at CSU Bakersfield on May 1. Romo is graduating this semester.

By Vincent Perez, Features Editor

Graduation. One word that defines a student’s next chapter. Not everyone has the same plan prior to graduation but nerves are there even for the most prepared. Juana Romo, a senior business management major, said she is ready for graduation this semester. She did her grad check like most seniors do a year ahead (or are “supposed to” as many undergrads procrastinate), then purchased her cap and gown. Romo said she took photos for graduation announcements.

Romo will participate in the Chicano Commencement on May 18 in the Icardo Center and commencement on May 24.

“I have to see which day accommodates to my family,” said Romo about commencement.

Romo said she feels relief after her four years at CSU Bakersfield.

“Finally, I did it,” she said with a laugh. Her emotions surrounding the two commencement ceremonies are steady, but she feels a little pressure. “Nerves, maybe. Finally get into the real world and know what to do next,” she said.

Romo said she wants to work in any job in Fresno that requires a business management bachelor’s degree. Born in Fresno, she commutes four times a week to CSU Bakersfield, something that she won’t miss despite having a hybrid vehicle. Romo learned in her major what it takes to be a good manager.

“I can definitely take that into the real world,” said Romo.

Roxana Munoz, her friend and a junior kinesiology major, with a focus in physical therapy, is two semesters away from graduating. She has nine courses left to complete. The bulk being elective courses, she said.
Munoz said she wants to work with children in physical therapy and has planned to do so since high school after seeing TV shows about them. Munoz said she doesn’t feel pressure to graduate just yet but she’s grateful she attended CSUB.

“Always come prepared,” she said. “I wasted so much time on things I should not have been doing.”

Yet, Munoz said high school prep classes prepared her prior to CSUB.

According to Veronica Bethea, CSUB Interim Assistant Registrar, for the Spring 2019 commencement, 1,828 students have applied for graduation. Last fall, 702 undergrad and post grad degrees were awarded to students. Undergrad commencement will take place at 7:30 a.m. on Friday, May 24 at the Main Soccer Field.