EDM festival coming to Bakersfield May 8-13

By Silvia Lopez Medero, Reporter

Imagine going from camping out at night under the stars, and then waking up to experience cultural dances, yoga, and a wide range of EDM music all in the same general location.
Bakersfield will be experiencing this and much more at Lightning in the Bottle, a music festival where guests will get the ultimate experience that combines community, culture, art, and music as they explore the outdoor venue.

The event will take place for five days, and the dates are set for May 8 to 13 at Buena Vista Lake.

The Lightning in a Bottle is known for many things, but CSU Bakersfield’s students’ reactions to this event were mixed.

Gaby Fernandez, a junior and nursing major, said, “Things are going to happen there,” and that she would probably not go.

Meanwhile, communications major Alexis Shofrur had mixed feelings for music festivals because although she thinks it would be a nice experience, she feels like the prices of tickets are too high. Although, she also said there is a big entertainment aspect, especially with all the concerts.

The 4-day festival pass for this festival is currently priced at $350 and the 5-day pass is $410 but this rate can go up as tickets of lower tiers sell out. There are still additional costs of things like camping out, food, and the buying of trinkets at the marketplace setting.

On the other hand, there were also students that wanted to go, and were glad that Bakersfield is allowing this event to occur.

One thing to look forward to is the unique architecture that the DoLab, festival producers, and administrators create for the many spaces that the event offers.

The variety the event offers also adds to its appeal as it has a little bit of everything for everyone.

The event offers discussion with a multitude of leaders, cultural offerings, hands on workshops, cooking classes, dance classes, camping, yoga, meditation, art displays, and classes that cater to certain age groups like teens.

The event is focused on helping to build a community that cares for creativity and life. One of the reasons they are seen as a transformational festival is because its events inspire people to think deeper and have some type of personal growth or self-actualization.

Shofrur said, “The experience, a lot of people talk about it.”

However, there are also some points that people see as questionable, especially when it comes to the amount of drug usage at music festivals.

Karen Gomez, a psychology major who has been to music festivals like Day N Night commented briefly from her experience with festivals to say that there is a lot of drunk people and it “can get messy.”

The decision of whether one wants to go or not is up to the person, but there are many useful tips that should be known before attending an event like this.

Gomez said that since these type of events tend to be crowded and they can get pretty hot, especially with use of lights.

That is why she recommends that festival goers “drink lots of water.”

She also warns that you should try to get as much sleep as you can because these events tend to have people continuously on the go.