Civil Rights activist Angela Davis to visit campus


Photo courtesy of Kegley Institute of Ethics/Angela Davis Publicity

By Lauren Silvis

Dr. Angela Davis, 75, has had a large impact on our nation’s quest for social-justice. John Harte, CSU Bakersfield communications professor said, “This is someone worth hearing.”

Michael Burroughs, Director of The Kegley Institute at CSUB said, “Angela is a leading figure in the history of our country and a leading political activist in women’s rights, racial rights and incarceration.”

Davis’ time spent as a college professor gave her a platform to educate the younger generation on difficult topics, emphasizing the importance of building communities for groups struggling due to economic, racial, and gender injustice.

Thanks to the Kegley Institute of Ethics, on Thursday, April 11, historical activist Dr. Angela Davis will be speaking on the CSUB main campus. The event will be held in the Dore theatre starting at 6 p.m. Free parking is available in Lots A, B, C, and J on the CSUB campus.

Davis has lectured throughout the United States, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and South America. However, this will be her first time lecturing in Central California.

Davis is the author of nine books that focus on her political activism in women’s rights, racial equality, and more. Her book, “The Prison Industrial Complex,” recalls her 18 months spent in jail after being placed on the FBI’s “Ten Most Wanted List” in the 1970s. Her arrest was under claims of “unlawful interstate flight,” but after her long-awaited trial, Davis was acquitted of all charges.

In recent years, Davis has had a persistent theme in her work: focusing on the criminalization and injustice of communities in America that are discriminated against due to poverty and race.

Davis will be speaking about incarceration. Her speech is titled “Education or Incarceration?: Activism and the Prison Industrial Complex.”
Burroughs said, “This event, her speaking to CSUB students, is potentially life changing. She will be speaking on incarceration and criminalization of minorities, which is very relevant as we have at least 12 prisons in Kern County.”

Davis is dedicated to providing more resources and attention to the prison system and the families involved.

Her speech will also be livestreamed for those who may not be able to attend. Visit for the livestream.