Draft of campus strategic plan is completed


Attendees of the strategic plan forum give feedback on the first draft on March 8, 2019.

By Fernanda Martinez

CSU Bakersfield’s new strategic plan has just been completed and the first completed draft is being shown to students, faculty and staff.
Last semester, The Runner reported on CSUB President Lynnette Zelezny’s vision for forming the university’s new strategic plan.
The strategic plan, as Zelezny explained, is a plan that would outline three to five core goals that would aid the university in the years to come. Zelezny had planned for the first draft to be completed sometime in late February or early March of 2019.
Throughout the fall, Zelezny’s goal was to open as many opportunities as possible for everyone to voice their concerns and opinions about what needs the university has.
Information was gathered from open forums, Runner Walk and Talks for students and via online through the university’s strategic plan website.
The first draft was presented to the campus on this semester’s first campus forum on March 8.
According to Zelezny and the strategic planning committee, the first draft has been created based on the ideas and concerns that were collected all last semester.
“I’m so proud of the process that we have in place,” said Zelezny.
The process of gathering comments, ideas and information generated a draft of over 50 pages.
During last week’s forum, some faculty, staff, and students were able to view the first draft and give feedback.
Those present were able to give feedback on the drafted core vision, mission and core values of the strategic plan.
Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) was present at the forum and was able to give perspectives from a student view point.
Sneha Guduru, ASI director of student housing relations, stated that it is important for students to know about everything that is being planned in the university because ultimately students are the ones who will affected by any plans.
“It is important for us to know how everything is being planned and how it’s being done and how effective is it going to be,” said Guduru. “We are the one’s going to classes and experiencing the life on campus.”
One of the highlights of the strategic plan is to increase student success in every area, even in campus involvement.
ASI Director of Graduate Students, Kathy Barrios, hopes to see more students coming to events like the open forum.
“Hopefully we will see more [students] coming to these events and more will start giving their opinions,” said Barrios. “A student opinion is necessary during these events, especially in the committees.They encourage us to speak up because they want to make sure they get a student perspective.”
ASI wants to encourage more students to be present during important topics revolving their academic success. For those who cannot attend, ASI said that all the information discussed in forums would be provided on their social medias and website.
“Dr. Zelezny said [students] can access it online and they can always provide the university with their comments or they can come to ASI and they can tell us any comments,” said Guduru.
ASI also mentioned that Zelezny is always present at their meetings that are held every Friday and that this would also be a good opportunity for students to come and speak with her or ASI.
During the forum, CSUB administration presented a word cloud where they could write all the areas in which the university wanted to focus on. Words like “Student,” “Diversity” and “Welcoming” were written. Barrios mentioned that it is important for students to know they are at the forefront of it all and that “all faculty and staff are working really hard to make [students’] experience more valuable.”
ASI Director of Transfer Students, Jason Baldwin, believes Zelezny has given many opportunities for students to speak.
“I really think that president Zelezny has tried to do that. Every time after she speaks, she always opens the floor,” said Baldwin. “She is pleading for questions and I think that it should be noticed and I think that’s essential for this campus and the president. She’s begging for that feedback.”