What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?

Jessica Manzo 

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Opinions Writer

Valentine’s Day, the one day when you can finally tell your secret admirer it’s been you all along. The day you can shower that special someone because they deserve it. 

And why not? It’s what the day is made for. Hope the gifts you got for them are everything they want and more…

Valentine’s Day just may not be that big of a deal as how the holiday is portrayed to be, though. For many reasons, students on campus are not partaking in the ‘special day.’ 

David Pulido, who’s majoring in business, can second that, stating that he, too, has no plans. 

“[I’ll be doing] nothing, just regular school. Sad, right?” Pulido said. 

Perhaps with our early exposure to movies, TV shows, and the media of how Valentine’s Day should be, it can add a lot of pressure. Really, does anyone know exactly what the big deal is?

Psych Central reports that “Valentine’s Day is big business. According to CNN, Valentine’s Day sales will reach $18.6 billion this year. People will spend an average of $130.97 per person. (Remember: That’s an average. Some people will spend much more; others much less.) 145 million Valentine cards will be sold. $4.4 billion will be spent on diamonds, gold and silver. That’s a lot of peer pressure.” 

From our early youth, beginning in elementary school, we have been taught that this day is meant for us to profess our love because if not today, your opportunity will pass. 

Does anyone else remember specifically saving the card with the more ‘lovey’ saying for your crush?

Fatima Manzo, criminal justice major, will be spending her first Valentine’s with her crush. 

She said she is feeling nervous for her date. They will be going out to eat, then they will catch a movie, though the place to eat and movie to watch are still be decided.

Sometimes the best dates are when they are not planned, easing off some pressure, as if there isn’t enough already. What counts is thought but we should take more time to celebrate the people we love.

I feel that one should treat or go all out for their significant other because they want to on any day of the year and not just because they are expected to for this holiday. One day each year should not be the only time you ever show love, compassion and appreciation to your partner.