MAGEC asking for new or gently used books

Vincent Perez

Features Editor

University classes are known to be progressive and forward-thinking. CSU Bakersfield’s clubs want the same for the students, who will be the future.

In an effort to educate students on campus on culture and gender issues, the Multicultural Alliance and Gender Equity Resource Center (MAGEC), with coordination by graduate student leader Haley Schlechta, is hosting a culture and gender book drive.

I saw a need and this was the best way to fix it,” said Schlechta. “This was something that was needed.”

Schlechta, a former public administration major, has been leading MAGEC since fall 2018. On Feb. 6, Schlechta provided an update on a few stacks of books MAGEC received.

“We got a few from campus staff, Bakersfield College and The Center [for Sexuality & Gender Diversity] downtown,” Schlechta said.

But more are needed. Any books with topics on religion, culture, gender, ethnicity or race can be donated at MAGEC, located in Student Housing West, inside the Rohan building, ground floor.

Samantha DeLaCruz, senior, president of Club Gen, said, “Ever since MAGEC was discussed, Club Gen has been very much a part of this space.”

DeLaCruz spoke about how Club Gen’s  Jai’s Library, their own book collection of affirming gender and sexuality books, aligns with MAGEC’s drive. “MAGEC having their own library and book drive is an extension of what this center is about and furthering awareness, education, and visibility,” DeLaCruz said.

“Access to something such as books is underrated,” DeLaCruz added.

DeLaCruz said that CSUB has a great library on campus, “But if we can provide anything beyond that, I think it’s really great, especially in a center that is validating and safe,” DeLaCruz said.

Outreach is important to the CSUB campus and MAGEC. Along with its supporting clubs, such as LGBTQ+ Pride, Club Gen, Black Student Union and Japan and Beyond, the word is spread about acceptance of students from diverse backgrounds at CSUB and Bakersfield.

One of those students that was reached was Jaime Dilonueva, a senior. “You get a different perspective of what is going on in the world,” he said. 

Dilonueva found MAGEC through a friend. He said he came to America when he was 12. He later attended Oxnard College, before transferring to CSUB last year.

“I feel here it’s more involved at CSUB,” said Dilonueva on student involvement on campus.

New or gently used gender or culture books can be donated from through March 1 at MAGEC.