Expression Nights celebrate creative art on campus


Event moved from Thursday to tonight.

By Lauren Silvis

Attention: calling all creative people. CSU Bakersfield’s monthly Expression Night has been moved to tonight at 7 p.m.

CSUB hosts a series of signature events, one of which is Expression Nights. This year’s event will celebrate Black History Month, which is tonight, from 7-9 p.m. All CSUB students and staff are encouraged to join in the Stockdale Court (located outside the Runner Café).

Attendees can either perform or support fellow talented CSUB students. A wide range of performances will ensue including dance, song, poetry and all other forms of creative art.

Eva Collins, exercise science major, said, “I love to see my peers work. In my major, we tend to focus more on the science side of things, obviously, but I know many of us are secretly very creative.”

“This platform is perfect for us to show that side of our personalities. I cannot wait to attend,” said Collins.

On top of a night filled with creativity, companionship and cheer, CSUB has more to offer. During Expression Nights, there is a free ice cream bar and hot beverages. Free entertainment, free snacks and free fun, what could be a better way to get through hump day?

Previous Expression Nights have brought forward students with riveting poetry, powerful words and song/dance that pulls at the heartstrings.

Emma-Louise Sheppard, biochemistry major, recalls the last Expression Night she attended.

“I had no idea there were so many talented students at CSUB. One girl did slam poetry that she had written herself. Someone else did an indigenous dance,” she said.

“Honestly, it was the most fun I’ve had in awhile. The free ice cream didn’t hurt either.”

Students can sign up with this link.

“Come into our campus programming office, or just show up the day of to perform if they’re unsure,” said CSUB campus programming coordinator Afaf Aldhulay.

“We will have an art display to showcase black student/alum art as well if they would like to submit a piece,” said Aldhulay.

Once a student has attended one, they are added to an email list which provides reminder emails of all upcoming events.

The night “usually ends with multiple people getting up to perform on the spot karaoke or having a dance battle,” said Aldhulay.

“By the end of the night everyone starts feeling more comfortable and making new friends,” she added.

Students can also follow @CSUBProgramming on Twitter for more information on signature events hosted by CSUB.