When to break up with an unwanted class

Jasmine Pantoja

Business Manager

Not sure on how to drop a class or when you should before you get a “W” on your transcript? Dina Hallmark, an advisor in the Social Sciences and Education advising center, better yet known as a “student service professional,” said that no matter what school you fall into according to your major, it is important that students learn how to use the academic calendar when making this decision

The academic calendar is found on CSU Bakersfield’s website under the academic’s tab.

Students are encouraged to be aware of this calendar because it includes the final date that they may withdraw from a class without receiving a “W” on their transcript.

The 2018 – 2019 calendar states that the last day to withdraw is Feb. 15. Hallmark states that a “W” on one’s transcript may weigh heavily when determining the candidacy for graduation or master programs. CSUB’s website states for GPA computations it is equivalent to an “F.”

According to the CSUB’s Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship website, “If some problem prevents you from completing an official withdrawal form, you should contact the University Registrar in the Admissions & Records Office at (661) 654-3036.

Students may login onto their mycsub.edu account, locate Enroll then Drop and select the course of your choosing

At times unfortunate circumstances may arise where a student is past the official withdrawal date and is subject to receive a “W.” Hallmark said there may be exceptions for students on a case by case basis when a “W” may be removed.  A student may inquire within to have their situation reviewed by the dean of the school and records office.

Nonetheless, it is important to take advantage of the self-withdrawal feature before Feb. 15

Hallmark said, “Every advisor is different, everyone’s philosophy is different. I know it is important to the university and to the chancellor’s office that we get students done in four years. There’s the whole 15 to Finish campaign, which I think is great. I think the faster that we can get students to their career goals is better; however, I also think that academic success is important, and if that means that a student has to go a little bit slower to do well, I’m all for it.”

Hallmark supports students’ diverse educational pathways. If you are unsure about your schedule visit your assigned advisor as soon as possible to determine what kind of workload is best fit for you.

Whether it takes you four years or eight years, a degree is still a degree and students should feel comfortable taking however many courses at a time or with whichever professors they learn best with.

For more information, most of the advising centers during the first week will be having walk-in hours from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. for students to go in and ask questions

The last day to add classes is Jan. 30 in case students decide to swap for another class they don’t want to take.