Celebrating a month full of fiestas


Valerie Hernandez

Assistant Features Editor


CSU Bakersfield began the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month Kick off on September 17 with a series of cultural events for the month.

The kick off started at noon and provided free food and drinks for students. Students waited in line for tacos while listening to music and hanging with friends.

Olly Lopez, a business administration and Spanish major explains the focus of CSUB’s Hispanic Heritage Month. “Campus Programming is partnering with the SRC and the library to put on various events across campus to help celebrate culture, history and the arts,” said Lopez.

Lopez also illustrated the significance to celebrate this month. “We are a Spanish serving institution and to help recognize diversity we have to make sure this is an inclusive campus,” said Lopez. “It’s important we represent people identities but also celebrate it with them. It helps create a sense of community on our campus.”

Expression Nights was another school event during the Hispanic Heritage month activities, made for students to come together and express themselves in different ways. The theme of this year’s event was “La Noche de Estrellas,” The Night of Stars. The event was held outside the Runner Cafe with hot chocolate and ice cream for everyone to enjoy while they watched the performances.

The event consisted of multiple performances with a series of talent.

One poet who performed Sara Alnagar, a sophomore majoring in English literature, read an original piece and enjoyed the experience.

“I write a lot and it was good for me to get rid of that stage fright,” said Alganar. “I was really nervous but it felt really nice at the end.”

Her advice for any future students who want to participate in Expression Nights is to not hold back.

“I was in your shoes but after you do it you get that nice feedback, everyone’s hyping you and that gives you much more courage to keep writing, to keep speaking,” said Alganar.

However, there was more talent than just poetry. Hispanic dancers dressed in authentic gowns and attire gave a beautiful performance that showed culture and pride.

Zachary Zimmer, a freshman majoring in electrical engineering, rapped to Witt Lowry’s “Dreaming With Your Eyes Open.” For him, this was a song that was really close to his heart.

“I like performing, I did a song by Witt Lowry, it means a lot to me because before I started school hear I was actually homeless,” said Zimmer. “The song just speaks to me. People have their issues that others don’t know about.”

This was his first time performing at Expression Nights but despite the nerves, the atmosphere and encouragement of others helped him.

“It’s a safe space, no one’s going to be judging you,” said Zimmer. “I didn’t get that vibe from people, everybody wants you to do good.”

There will be more upcoming events this month for Hispanic Heritage Month, such as The Story of Jose M. Hernandez: From Migrant Farmworker to NASA Astronaut on Sept. 28, Cumbia Dancing on Oct. 1, and Dr. Parada on Spanish in the U.S.: Myths and Realities on Oct. 3.