Coffee with a cop


Chief Martin Williamson of University Police at CSU, Bakersfield wants the campus to know that their officers are there for more than just protection.

At Coffee With A Cop on Sept. 6, officers from UPD came out to meet students, answer questions and enjoy a cup of joe.

“As we’ve tried to do the past couple of years, during the beginning of classes, we try to just make ourselves available. No agenda, just provide coffee and donuts to students, staff and faculty. And if they have any questions for the police department or any issues or anything, they are more than welcomed to address them with us,” said Chief Williamson.

Chief Williamson has been the department head for eight years now. In total there are 15 sworn officers along with support staff such as parking officers and dispatch.

“Most of them come from other agencies, we have a few who have been here from the beginning,” said Chief Williamson.

Campus programming and UPD were happy to see students come out to meet the officers and hope that the relationship can continue to grow.

“If they just want to come and get a cup of coffee, a donut and shake hands and say good morning, that’s fine too,” said Chief Williamson.

And if you didn’t get the chance to meet the officers this week, no worries. UPD will be holding multiple events throughout the semester and students are more welcomed.

“We’ll be sponsoring a zombie scavenger hunt….this’ll be our third one and it’s grown each year. So students will go around to different tables located on campus and at each table they’ll be able to get an item of sorts that when they’re done, they’ll build their own emergency response bag,” said Chief Williamson.

If you have a more competitive streak, you may want to try to go head to head with our officers on the volleyball court. That’s right, UPD has a volleyball team.

“The University Police Department for lack of a better description have put together a volleyball team and challenge student groups and ASI,” said Williamson.

If you want to get to know more about our UPD officers, stay tuned for a video showcasing some members of our police force. Or you can go ahead and just meet them for yourself, they’re always on campus and always happy to say hello.